How to dress like Shiv Roy from Succession

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Shiv Roy from Succession on HBO (An Emmy and Golden Globe winner renewed for a third season) embodies our powerful working woman fashion goals.

Shiv Roy has undergone a major transformation style-wise from season 1 to 2, trading oversized sweaters for a blunt power haircut and an elevated wardrobe. Primetimer reports, “It isn’t only her hair that Shiv has elevated, as her entire wardrobe has gotten an upgrade, including high-waisted power pants and luxurious knits.”

The reporters also conclude that it was her dad’s “serious offer to give her the keys to the Waystar castle that cemented this style shift.” Sometimes, like with Shiv, being handed more responsibility and power can be the inspo someone needs to change their style.

Let’s check out some easy ways to dress like Shiv from Succession.

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Four Outfit Ideas To Steal From Shiv Roy

Shiv’s outfits in season two are “straight from the pages of Vogue” with a focus on sharper lines that convey her intensity for her job, position and power. Think turtlenecks, high-waisted suits, tweed, business suits, and party clothes with surprising details.

As I advise my clients through my image consulting services, if you want to look sophisticated and bold in the workplace, there are some simple outfit formulas you can follow. These can be especially effective if you are working in a male-dominated environment, and want to be more respected at work.

These formulas work for women in a corporate setting who want to be seen as an important contributor to the conversation or decision-making process.

Outfit 1: Monochrome

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Monochromatic outfits are visually interesting and appealing, and can replace your typical go-to black power suit with a white blazer.

Shiv Roy’s head to toe gray look for a corporate setting here follows a simple formula for creating monochromatic outfits for women: lighter on top, darker on the bottom. She adds even more interest with her drawstring high-waisted pants.

Look for these types of flattering details when choosing a power suit. We saw these same monochromatic trends when we analyzed Molly’s outfits from the show Insecure as well.

Outfit 2: Structure

When Shiv changed her focus from flowy tops and frocks to strong lines and structured pieces, she became more of a powerful and admired figure.

Here she pairs a black skinny belt with a double-breasted blazer, playing with feminine and masculine vibes all in one look.

The structure both shows off her figure and also communicates that she is ready for whatever’s going to happen.

To copy this look, follow this formula: only one piece of the outfit should fit loosely at any time. If you are wearing wide-leg pants, pair them with a tucked-in, fitted top. Choose structured pieces like a well-fitting blazer, and accessorize with belts like Shiv to show your natural waistline.

Outfit 3: Subtle Prints

In Season 2, Shiv saves her prints for “battle mode,” show analysts explain.

She breaks out a checked Highland Scottish Tweed pantsuit, a subtle “power grab maneuver.” Pictured here, she utilizes a more subtle print, a navy plaid, to maintain a professional look without being boring.

To follow this formula, pair a solid item in one of the same colors as the print (following my mix and match guidelines), and pair with a subtle, not loud, print for an office setting.

As Shiv does, pair with a stylish shoe in the same matching color as the solid item (navy pumps in this case).

Outfit 4. Luxurious Fabrics

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A simple formula for elevating your style, as Shiv Roy has done this season, is to invest in quality fabrics such as wool, cashmere, and silk.

Luxurious fabrics make you look and feel more put together,powerful and effortless.

Choosing classic investment pieces proves that you’re paying attention to detail, quality and will leave a memorable impression.

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