Virtual Executive Image Consulting For Men

Project confidence and authority as a leader.

Whether you’re presenting to clients on Monday, leading a team on Wednesday or traveling on Friday

NLW’s virtual image consulting for men makes it second nature to dress like the leader you are.

After working with NLW, you’ll walk away with a defined personal brand and a closet that helps you project it to the world.

Everything is done online and documented for you (including brands, styles, sizes, and fits) to make future purchases simple, so you can funnel all your mental energy towards your professional goals.

Our Client


I needed to start looking like the owner of a successful company, but I didn’t know how to do that. Next Level Wardrobe’s Executive Image Consulting was exactly the solution I needed.”

Josh LaMar, Next Level Wardrobe

Josh LaMar:
Co founder and CEO, Amplinate

What this Service Includes ↓

(Returning clients get access to ‘Done for You’ services to manage your style year around)

Step 1

Virtual Executive Image Creation


Complete a questionnaire so we can get to know you better.


Meet with your virtual stylist to strategize your image and preview your new personal brand.

Step 2

2-Hour Virtual Closet Edit

Try on what’s in your closet to determine fit and style.
Decide what to keep and what to donate.

Your stylist will create a shopping list to fill gaps using our proven framework, ‘The NLW Style System’.  

Step 3

Personalized Shopping Guide and Done-for-You Ordering


Receive a comprehensive Google spreadsheet with suggested items handpicked just for you.

Select what you’d like to order by simply putting an X in your shopping guide.

NLW handles all ordering, shipping, and tracking until items arrive right to your door. 

Step 4

2-Hour Virtual Fit Session


Try on all items you’ve ordered with your stylist.


Your stylist will advise you what to keep and return — all you have to do is model the items.

NLW will supply return labels and arrange pickups so you don’t have to spend hours doing it yourself.

Step 5

Style Guide + Phone App


Your online closet will be uploaded to our phone app.


1 month’s worth of outfits will be created and uploaded to the phone app, all personalized to your lifestyle.


Have a record of what brands fit you best and at what size for easy future ordering.

Step 6

Your “CEO Dream Team” and New Photos

Receive handpicked referrals to create your “CEO Dream Team”: photographers, scent, hair and anyone else to bring your personal brand to life.
NLW will prepare you for your photoshoot: we will source a photographer, style you, and give art direction so you can show up feeling your best.

At a glance: logistical details


Timeline: 3 months

Location: Virtual

Returning clients: Get access to ‘Done For You’ styling services

What our Virtual Men’s Executive Image Consulting clients experience

A defined personal brand to fast-track their career goals, translated into a high-quality capsule wardrobe
Ability to instantly command respect when they walk into a room
A mix-and-match closet system that takes the mental energy out of putting together outfits
Newfound ease in dressing for whatever the day calls for in a style that whispers, not screams

Stay stylish with access to our returning styling services (not available to the public)

Is Virtual Men’s Executive Image Consulting right for you?


In a highly visible role (e.g., leaders, client- or public-facing executives, founders, and CEOs)

Seeking a done-for-you, comprehensive styling service that’s completely personalized to you

Ready to reach your style goals and want to do it right the first time around (you’re not interested in trial and error at this stage in your career)


Only focused on getting a few new brands and outfits. If you don’t want to craft a holistic image, our Virtual Personal Styling service is a better fit for you.

Interested in keeping up with the latest trends, value newness over timelessness, and only want to shop fast fashion
Just starting out in your career and aren’t client- or media-facing (best candidates for this service are entrepreneurs and senior professionals and executives)

Leverage ‘The NLW Style System’ and fast-track your way to great personal style.