Wardrobe Stylist

for Women

1 on 1 in-person styling and exclusive in-store shopping in NYC

Elevate your wardrobe
with handpicked essentials
in the heart of New York City.

Shopping in NYC

Immerse yourself in a city brimming with the best choices of stores, boutiques, and fashion resources.

Your own expert stylist

Receive personalized attention from your expert stylist, including pre-selected pieces waiting for you in each store.

On-site tailoring

Let us handle expert tailoring on-site, so every piece you purchase has the best fit for your body today.

Easy wardrobe app

Make getting dressed even easier, with your entire wardrobe and curated outfits accessible from your phone.

Before and after wardrobe stylist services

Scroll to see our past client transformations

“I worked with NLW to ensure I had an image of somebody trustworthy, who’s a manager, and who can be seen as taking it to the next level. It’s paid off, as I’m now officially in my new managerial role!”

— Christine Richmond, Microeconomist at the International Monetary Fund

What This Service Includes ↓

(Returning clients get access to 'Done for You' services to manage your style year around)

Step 1

Two-Hour Closet Edit


Try on what’s in your closet to determine fit and style.


Decide what to keep and what to donate.


Use ‘The NLW Style System’ to identify gaps in your wardrobe.


Can be completed virtually for clients outside of NYC.

Step 2

Private Shopping Experience in NYC


Try on outfits in private fitting rooms with pieces selected just for you.


Get personalized education from your stylist about brands, fits, and styles.


Get alterations done on location and finalized pieces delivered to your home (walk out with no bags!)

Step 3

Your Online Closet + Outfits


We’ll create 30 outfits for every event on your calendar to have in the palm of your hand via the phone app.


In this last session, we’ll meet with you for one hour to organize your closet and do live outfit creation.


Learn the WHY behind outfit creation; we’ll teach you our secret stylist formulas so you’ll feel confident on your own.


Can be done virtually for clients outside of NYC.

Step 4

30 -Day Virtual Wardrobe Stylist


Have your stylist on call via text and email so you can ask questions and get advice quickly.


Access your entire wardrobe and curated outfits in your dedicated app to make getting dressed fast and simple.


Feel confident putting together outfits for every occasion on your own.

At a glance: logistical details


Timeline: 1.5 months

Location: NYC

Returning clients: Get access to ‘Done For You’ styling services

What our Women’s Wardrobe Stylist clients experience


Elevated wardrobe where every piece complements each other, simplifying the process of getting dressed


Seamless and personalized shopping experience guided by an expert stylist, who curates outfits and provides 1-1 style coaching


Complete confidence knowing that every item is meticulously selected exactly for your lifestyle


Effortless ability to create sophisticated outfits for any occasion, making dressing up a breeze

Is Wardrobe Styling right for you?


Ready to make getting dressed and feeling amazing in your clothes effortless and consistent

Looking for an in-person shopping experience with hands-on assistance, immediate feedback, and the ability to physically try on clothes and accessories

Focused on creating a high-quality foundational wardrobe with outfits for every occasion

Inspired by the idea of “quiet luxury”, a timeless professional style without loud logos or flashy trends


Interested in keeping up with all the latest trends (this is about creating a timeless capsule wardrobe)

Unable to travel to NYC for in-person shopping (our Virtual Personal Styling services are entirely online)

Looking to “just get a few fun pieces” or a couple of outfits (NLW only offers comprehensive styling experiences)

Primarily seeking a personal shopper to just execute your vision for you instead of a style coach to teach you what you need to know

Get curated wardrobe styling

in the fashion capital of the world.