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Q. Do you work with clients of all body types, ages, and professions?
Yes! Next Level Wardrobe works with all professionals of all levels, ages, and body types. We love showing everyone that they can have great style.
Q. How much are your services? Is clothing included in the investment?

To work with us in 2023, the investment is $5,500 for virtual services and increases from there, depending on the service. Clothing is not included in that investment.

Q. Who are the types of people you work with?

We specialize in working with successful, motivated professionals of all ages and body sizes:


  • Professionals who have had body transitions and don’t know how to dress for their new shape.
  • The working mom who’s ready to return to work after raising a family and wants to reclaim her professional identity for this new season of life.
  • The work-from-home professional who is back in the office full-time or is just tired of wearing sweats.
  • The motivated woman who works in a male-dominated environment and wants to use her style to be respected as a leader.
  • The career climber who has worked their way up and needs to look better for a recent or desired promotion.

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