The Best Office Shoes for Women CEOS

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“How should a woman dress for an office job?”

Navigating what to wear in the office can feel daunting. You want to look confident and professional. Plus, you want to be comfortable–especially when it comes to your CEO office shoes.

Fortunately, today there are so many amazing options for women’s office shoes. Still, it’s important that you choose office shoes that enhance your professional image, rather than take away from it.

So, what shoes should female CEOs wear?

Keep reading for my favorite female executive office shoes:

Professional Loafers or Flats

Professional Loafers With Rosetta Getty Loafers

Photo Credit: Net-A-Porter

When it comes to female CEO office shoes, loafers and flats are two of my favorite options.

I’ve heard from so many of my women clients that don’t want to hear heels, in fact it’s a top three request I hear from my successful clients!

But what’s the solution?

Loafers and flats are the perfect professional replacement. You can still look confident and professional, without wearing heels.

A well-made pair of loafers or flats are comfortable and can last you for years. I recommend looking for a pair in leather or suede in one of the core colors: gray, black, navy, or white.

These loafers are a perfect example. Notice the texture which will make your outfit more interesting. Also, the navy is such a sophisticated color that I wish more wore.

Photo Credit: Net-A- Porter

When it comes to CEO office shoes, loafers and flats are must-haves for most of my clients.

Not only are they stylish, professional, and comfortable, they’re easy to incorporate with the rest of your wardrobe.

Check out the photo below to see how I pair my loafers with a blazer for a professional look:

Don’t mind me, just in a fitting room trying a blazer on

Minimalist Boots for Modern Executives

Photo Credit: Net-A- Porter

If you work in a casual or business casual environment, try incorporating boots into your office wardrobe.

For CEO office shoes, minimalist boots can look sleek and modern.

For example, the outfit in the photo above could easily transition from a casual, creative office (like tech) to dinner with friends.

A great pair of boots make a versatile addition to your closet.

I recommend choosing black or brown boots as they are the most versatile and will give you the most outfit options for any season.

You can either wear boots with a low heel or no heel–whichever you prefer.

Another tip?

Look for a simple, modern pair without too many details. Avoid boots that could be too trendy or Western.

These boots are a great example of what to look for:

CARLY is the modern ankle boot with a pointy toe

Photo Credit: Aeyde

Not sure what to wear with your boots?

Keep it simple and pair them with your favorite jeans and a black sweater:

pair boots with your favorite jeans and a black sweater

For more outfit inspiration, check out my Instagram Reel: HOW I PACKED FOR PARIS (USING THE NLW STYLE SYSTEM).

Slip-On Sneakers Or Day Time Sneakers For The Office

REDONE Sneakers With Leggings

Photo Credit: Net-A-Porter

Another type of office shoes CEO for women?

Modern day sneakers.

While wearing sneakers to the office used to be taboo, they’re now the norm at many companies.

However, you want to make sure that you choose the right pair. The perfect pair of office sneakers will enhance your professional image.

What types of sneakers are office appropriate?

Start by avoiding gym shoes. And definitely no AllBirds please.

You want to look for a pair of sneakers that are modern and sleek. I recommend to my clients to start by investing in a pair of sneakers in leather or suede and in a core color, of course.

These sneakers are good examples of CEO sneakers:

Vince Ginelle Slip-On Sneaker

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

I do love a great slip on sneakers, not only do they look very put together but have a more casual spin on a traditional sneaker (below). BONUS: You don’t have to tie shoelaces!

NET SUSTAIN Esplar suede-trimmed leather sneakers

Photo Credit: Net-A-Porter

Veja is a brand that I recommend and personally wear myself. They have a sustainable aspect to their business and come in a variety of colors. They only come in whole sizes so make sure you order above and below your regular size to find the right fit.

If you’re not sure how to style your sneakers for the office, remember to mix casual and formal pieces:

Formal piece example: Blazer
Casual piece example: Sneakers

A blazer is always a great way to dress up a look.

Or try copying one one of my looks below:

Three different ways to wear sneakers- perfect for business casual or no dress code place

Three different ways to wear sneakers- perfect for business casual or no dress code places.

In short, for CEO office shoes women should look for styles that are modern, professional, and comfortable too.

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