Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you work with clients of all body types, ages, professions?

Yes! Next Level Wardrobe works with all professionals of all levels, ages, body types. We love showing everyone that they can have great style.


Q. Do you only work with clients in Manhattan or Los Angeles?

Next Level Wardrobe offers virtual services and works with clients all over the world. We do offer in person image consulting services on a limited basis in either Manhattan or Los Angeles.


Q. Why should I choose to work with NLW? Can’t I just read how to guide or subscribe to Stitch Fix?

Next Level Wardrobe is one of the top rated Personal Styling Businesses in the US- over 50 five star reviews from happy clients. 

The NLW styling team works with all ages and body types. We have studied at places such as California State University Long Beach, London College of Fashion (UK) and The Art Institute. We’ve worked at places such as Soulcycle, Equinox and major well known retailers. 

NLW has an application process to work with us, because we believe that it should be a good fit for the client and our team. We only select applicants that are ready for a style transformation and we have limited availability per month. 

We do this because  it’s important to us that we provide a high level of luxury service, long lasting results and develop a relationship with each client.

At NLW, you can say we’re all about quality over quantity- not only with our clients but with wardrobes as well.

Of course, you can watch style videos, read blog and stitch together all the pieces for what may be right for you (especially if you love a DIY).

But our clients value their time, have tried to do it on their own and ultimately, they just want it done for them RIGHT– the first time around. 


Q. How much are your services? Is clothing included in the investment?

To work with us in 2022, the investment starts at $5,500 for virtual services and increases from there. Clothing is not included in that investment.  


Q. Do you have on-going styling services?

NLW offers ‘Done For You’ styling services for returning client services. Only returning clients have access to these private services to build upon the foundation in their wardrobe. 

We’ll continue to intentionally build upon your wardrobe and make sure you can create outfits with every piece that you invest in. NLW keeps track of all items in your closet so you won’t be spending your money on items you already have.

We really value developing a long term relationship with our clients and some of them have been with us for years as we’ve become their trusted style partner. No matter what stage you’re at in your life- we’ve got you covered when it comes to your style!


Q. I would love to try out your services before committing to a bigger investment. Do you do any smaller scale sessions?

NLW only offers two services for new clients: 

Virtual Personal Styling Service

Virtual Executive Image Consulting Experience 

We’re focused on offering comprehensive image consulting services and getting our clients the best results, therefore we don’t offer a la carte experiences.


Q. Can I gift your services?

No, we don’t allow gifting of services. It’s important to us to be respectful of everyone’s time involved and ensure that the recipient will value the experience. If availability allows, NLW will offer consultation calls before gifting of services. Please fill out the application form for more information.


Q. Who are the types of people that you work with?  

Many clients that hire us have never worked with a stylist before. We’ve  worked with many clients in many different industries and have various goals, here are a few examples of the many examples:

  • The busy parent who has given so much time and energy to their family and career, that they’ve pushed their style to the side for years.
  • The driven entrepreneur that has spent their time launching their business and not concentrating on their style.
  • The work from home professional that has had to transition from office to work from home full time.
  • Professionals who have had body transitions and don’t know how to dress for their new frame.
  • The motivated female who works in a male dominated environment and wants to use their style to be respected as a leader.
  • The career climber that has worked their way up in his company and needs to look better for a recent promotion. They want to ensure that they’re making the right impression for management and their team.

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