Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Next Level Wardrobe over other stylists?

Next Level Wardrobe has a proven style framework, ‘The NLW Style System’ which guarantees our clients a long lasting wardrobe and outfits for every occasion. This has worked for over 200+ clients.

Working with us, you not only get a wardrobe that makes you feel amazing, but also one that aligns with your ambitious career goals and makes it easy to get dressed every morning.

You don’t have to take it from us: NLW is the top-rated personal stylist company on Google, with over 100 5-star reviews.

The Next Level Wardrobe team has over 25 years of Fashion Industry experience, holds Bachelor Degrees in the Fashion Industry and we live + breathe our styling method.

If you are a professional in any field who wants to level up your wardrobe to reflect your success (and help you achieve your next step), Next Level Wardrobe was made for you.

Click here to schedule your intro call with us.

Do you work with clients of all body types, ages, and professions?

Yes! The Next Level Wardrobe team loves showing everyone that they can have great style. No matter the client, our proprietary framework, ‘The NLW Style System’ will work and we have proven results.

Note: when we use the terms “women” and “men,” we include all woman-identifying, man-identifying, and nonbinary persons.

What type of people do you work with?

We specialize in working with successful, motivated professionals of all ages, sizes and backgrounds:

  • Professionals who have had body transitions and don’t know how to dress for their new shape.
  • The working mom who’s ready to return to work after raising a family and wants to reclaim her professional identity for this new season of life.
  • The work-from-home professional who is back in the office full-time or is just tired of wearing sweats.
  • The motivated woman who works in a male-dominated environment and wants to use her style to be respected as a leader.
  • The career climber who has worked their way up and needs to look better for a recent or desired promotion.

Our clients have worked within many different industries such as healthcare, consulting, law, finance, design, tech and much more.

Do you offer returning client services?

Returning clients get access to private, ‘Done for You’ styling services that aren’t available to the general public via virtual and in person experiences.  These services strategically build on the foundation that was created in the first engagement and we’ve worked with many clients ongoing.

How much are your services? Is clothing included in the investment?

To work with us, the investment starts at $6,500 for the Virtual Personal Styling Service. Please note that clothing is not included in our service prices.

Do you only work with clients in Manhattan or Los Angeles?

We offer virtual services and work with clients globally, depending on their location. 

We do offer in-person image consulting services only in the NYC area. Our in-person clients don’t have to live in these cities, but they will need to be able to travel there, at cost.

Can I gift your services?

It’s important to us to be respectful of everyone’s time and ensure that the recipient will value the experience; so we do not allow gifting of styling services.

We welcome you to refer clients to us who have their own desire for this experience.

I would love to try out your services before committing to a bigger investment. Do you do any smaller-scale sessions?

NLW is only focused on offering comprehensive image consulting services and getting our clients the best results, therefore we don’t offer a la carte experiences. 

Explore our services for men here and our services for women here.

How is Next Level Wardrobe different from services like Stitch Fix?

Services like Stitch Fix work on commission, don’t know what’s in your closet and your lifestyle or style goals. You’re never really getting personalized service as they appeal to the masses.

This is fine if you are just looking to get some new pieces, but it’s not enough if you want to create a long lasting wardrobe and image to hit ambitious career milestones or fully remove the stress of getting dressed.

Next Level Wardrobe is for clients who want the most personalized approach to help them achieve their style goals, the first time around.

We’ll work directly with our clients to understand their career and wardrobe goals, preferences and more to guide you throughout your styling experience. All while setting up our proprietary styling framework, that you can use after our engagement.

Additionally, with NLW, you get 1:1 advice from your personal stylist regarding the fit, brands, tailoring and outfitting that work best for you, so you walk away knowing exactly how to put together outfits and shop.

It’s time to feel calm and confident with your wardrobe.