The Best Men’s Dress Pants for Summer

Something I hear often from my men’s image consulting clients is that they don’t know what to wear in the summer.

It’s so hot outside and they don’t want to be sweaty — it’s a very confusing season to dress for!

Read on for 3 types of men’s warm weather-appropriate dress pants to add to your wardrobe this summer.

Drawstring Waist

Man Wearing Best Mens Dress Pants For Summer Joseph Pleated Fresco Wool Drawstring By Officine Generale

Joseph Pleated Fresco Wool Drawstring Pant | Officine Generale

Perfect for: Business Casual, Casual Dress Codes

When comfort is key, look for an on-trend yet classic pair of drawstring men’s dress pants for summer.

This style of pants is perfect for working from home but is also refined enough for the office — think of them like work-appropriate sweatpants.

You’ll find drawstring pants in various fabrics on store shelves right now, from linen to summer-weight wool.

These would look great dressed down with fresh white sneakers and a tailored tee, or dress them up for a meeting with a button down shirt and a blazer.

Lighter Colors

Man Modeling Next Level Wardrobe's Pick For Best Mens Dress Pants For Summer Charleston Flat Front Stretch Cotton Dress Pants By Berle

Perfect for: Business Casual, Casual, Work from Home Dress Codes

To update your summer work wardrobe, look for pants in lighter, summer-friendly shades like cream, tan, or light gray.

Lighter colors don’t absorb as much heat, plus they look far more weather-appropriate in the summertime than black or navy pants.

And core colors on the lighter side of the spectrum are just as versatile as their darker counterparts.

You could pair these light gray pants with a lightweight navy sweater for the office, or a white button down shirt.

Natural Fabrics

Stylist Cassandra Sethi's Best Mens Dress Pants For Summer Pick Anderson & Sheppard's Linen Trousers

Linen Trousers | Anderson & Sheppard

Perfect for: Business Casual, Casual, Work from Home Dress Codes

For maximum comfort in the summertime, look for pants in natural fabrics like cotton, linen, or summer-weight wool.

Natural fabrics are much more breathable in hot weather and don’t trap heat; avoid pure synthetic materials (polyester) as they trap heat and will make you even more sweaty.

Cotton and lightweight wool pants are wardrobe pillars that can be worn year-round.

Linen pants have a more relaxed look that won’t be suitable for all offices or industries, but for a more casual office, they can be the foundation of a great summer outfit.

A heads up about linen: It can wrinkle very easily, so this would be a case where it’s okay to buy a linen-polyester blend.


Need help upgrading your men’s style for summer? Check out my virtual executive image consulting for men.

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