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Despite the fact that nearly 70% of American women wear a size 14 or above, plus size styling can be an arduous task.

For plus-size women, putting together a stylish, professional wardrobe that makes you feel your best can seem like a major challenge. You may feel limited in your options and think that you can’t wear certain clothing styles, prints, brands, and can’t shop at most stores.

This is where Next Level Wardrobe’s Plus Size Styling and Image Consulting can help.

What's Included with Plus Size Styling & Image Consulting

You no longer have to settle for ‘good enough’ when it comes to style and how you feel in your clothing – you can dress in amazing pieces and finally start to wear the things you really want that reflect your success, personality and ambitions.



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With the Virtual Plus Size Styling Service, Cassandra will work with you one on one to get to know you, your style goals and challenges.



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You’ll work with Cassandra to identify the gaps in your closet and she’ll go shopping to fill those– with YOU in mind.



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Feel confident in any outfit combination that you put on- whether it’s for work, weekends or everything in between.

The Plus Size Styling Process



Online Closet Edit

During this two hour session, we’ll go through your closet piece by piece to figure out what you should keep, or donate.

You’ll try garments on to get advice on fit, we’ll identify the gaps in your closet and organize in a way so everything is wearable.



Custom Shopping Guide

Based on the clothing gaps identified from step 1, you’ll receive a customized shopping list  for your body type, style goals and needs.

Your personalized style spreadsheet will include pictures, brands, suggested size and links – so you can order at your leisure.



Virtual Fit Session

Once you receive all your ordered items, we’ll do a virtual fit session.

During this time, you’ll be advised whether to keep or send back an item and how to pair it with other items in your closet.



Your Virtual Fashion Consultant

For one month after the last session, you’ll have Cassandra on-call as your virtual fashion consultant and advisor  (via text and email).

She’ll answer any style related questions that come up for you, all answers personalized to your body type, lifestyle and style goals. (No cookie cutter templates here!)

For a more comprehensive approach to your style, check out the Executive Image Consulting page.

Who’s this Plus Size Styling Service for

Ideal candidates for this experience include:


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A Plus Size Executive Styled In A Blazer On Her Cell Phone

What Clients Are Saying

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