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As a woman working in a high-powered position, you know that the image you present has a great deal of influence. Everyday, the people who work for you and do business with you assess your appearance and treat you a certain way because of it – either by respecting your ideas and authority, or dismissing you altogether.

An executive image strategy helps you craft your appearance for impact.

To create the most impact, your executive strategy needs to be designed for your body, personality, and goals. It should make you look put together, feel confident, and get everyone to look at you when you walk into the room.

Most successful women in executive roles realize the importance of an image strategy, but between the demands of home and business, they have little time to create one.

This is where Next Level Wardrobe’s Virtual Executive Image Consulting can help.

With this virtual styling service, we connect with you over video, learn who you are as an individual, then combine image crafting techniques with proven styling tactics to create your executive image strategy. The strategy is completely tailored to you –  your goals, lifestyle and body type.

If you are an executive-level professional who wants to make a memorable impression and feel confident, Next Level Wardrobe can help you.

Who’s this service for

This virtual styling service is for successful, professional women who have ambitious career aspirations and want to be seen as a key player. They have hired coaches in other areas of their life (personal trainers, business coaches) to help them achieve long-lasting results.

Ideal candidates for this experience include entrepreneurs, CEOs, C-Suite professionals, VP’s, and Senior Directors. These professionals need to radiate confidence and authority and want to get more face time with key players.

This personalized service has four steps that create the perfect style and aesthetic for your body type, personality and industry, no matter where you live or where you work.

For a quicker alternative to personal styling that focuses on styling tactics, see our Online Styling Services page.

The Virtual Executive Image Consulting Process



Executive Image Crafting

Our image crafting starts with a questionnaire completed by you and is followed by a one-hour virtual call where we delve into your image. Cassandra will learn about you and what you want to communicate with your visual appearance.

You will then receive your custom style and image strategy. It will outline the visual game plan for your executive image – what it will look and feel like, and how it will be experienced by others.



Online Closet Edit

Once we align on the big vision, we’ll then move into the tactics to bring it to life.

First, we will go through your closet piece by piece to figure out what you should keep or donate. Once your closet has been edited, you will try on remaining pieces to get advice on fit and identify wardrobe gaps.



Personalized Outfit Guide & Ordering

Cassandra will spend time online shopping for you, keeping your executive image, body type and goals in mind.

You’ll receive a Google Survey with images of suggested items, and you just click yes or no for what you’d like ordered. Everything will be delivered straight to your doorstep.



Virtual Fit Session

Once you receive your items, we will meet for a virtual fit session where you will discover what you should keep or return.

After this session, you will finally love everything in your closet and have put together ensembles for work, important meetings, events and more.

The Virtual Executive Image Consulting Service Includes:

Systematic, stress-free approach to great style.

Your personalized executive image that’s aligned with who you are and your professional goals.

Versatile outfits for any occasion-- work from home, in person events and casual weekends.

Easy ordering: just say yes or no and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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