The Best Office Shoes for Male CEOS

March 13, 2022

What are the best office shoes for men who are CEOs?

Finding the right pair of shoes that strike a balance between professional and approachable (without being overdressed) can be difficult.

This is especially true in casual offices or offices without a dress code. This is something a lot of my tech clients have to deal with.

Most days, you don’t need to wear a formal dress shoe. But you don’t want to wear a gym sneaker and look too casual either.

Striking the right balance for CEO office shoes is complicated. Fortunately, there are many stylish shoe options for CEOs and executives that are comfortable, casual and professional.

Keep reading for my favorite shoe picks for male CEOs.

Executive Sleek Dress Shoes

John Lobb City II Burnished-Leather Oxford Shoes

Photo Credit: MR PORTER

A dress shoe is a must-have for men’s CEO office shoes. If your office is more formal or if you regularly have client meetings or events where you need to be dressed up, a pair of dress shoes are an essential.

I recommend choosing a classic pair of oxford shoes. This style of shoe is professional and classic.

Start with a pair of black oxford shoes. Black is a versatile color that you’ll easily be able to pair with the rest of your closet.

Photo Credit: MR PORTER

However, if this is a style of shoe you love and wear often, consider adding a second pair in brown.

CEO-Style Loafers and Boots

Canali Slim-Fit Wool Suit Trousers

Photo Credit: MR PORTER

Loafers and boots are great office shoes for CEOs who work in more business casual environments or creative environments.

Both types of shoes show an extra attention to style and detail. I love these CEO office shoes for my clients who are looking to take more risks and have fun with their style.

For example, these Brunell Cucinelli loafers would be a nice addition to your men’s summer essentials.

CEO Men's Office Shoes Loro Piana Summer Walk Suede Loafers

Photo Credit: MR PORTER

On the other hand, these black boots will be a closet essential that you can rely on for years. They’ll easily transition from the office to drinks or dinner in the evening.

Plus, with the right pair of boots you won’t have to sacrifice comfort. You can wear a high-quality pair of boots all day and still be comfortable.

I love this style of boot for a CEO in New York or another city with cold weather in the winter.

CEO Office Shoes For Men Saint Laurent Wyatt Chelsea Boot

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Tom Ford Robert Suede Chelsea Boots CEO Men's Office Shoes

Photo Credit: MR PORTER

While loafers and boots may be new additions to your closet, they’re easy to style as long as you have a strong foundation of closet essentials.

Not sure how to style your loafers? Try pairing them with a polo and slacks or with a sweater and jacket like in the photos below.

Loro Piana CEO Men's Office Shoes Summer Walk Suede Loafers

Photo Credit: MR PORTER

Summer Walk Suede Loafers Loro Piana Men's Office Shoes

Photo Credit: MR PORTER

Casual CEO Slip-On or Day Sneakers

TOM FORD's 'Cambridge' sneakers are a natural match for casual shirts and jeans

Photo Credit: MR PORTER

Did you know that sneakers can be CEO office shoes?

If you work in a casual office (like tech), then there’s a good chance you can wear slip-on sneakers or day sneakers to the office.

It can get tricky though. You need to make sure you’re wearing the right shoe style. For example, these slip-on shoes are office appropriate:

Vince Fletcher Suede Slip-On Sneaker Navy

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

You can also wear a modern, lace up sneaker like these ones from Common Projects:

Common Projects CEO Office Shoes for Men

Photo Credit: Nordtrom

When finding sneakers to wear to the office it’s important to look for styles that are modern, clean, and simple (like the shoes above or these gray suede sneakers).

Look for sneakers that are made of leather or suede in core colors like gray, navy, white, or black.

Avoid sneakers that are for the gym, like these. They’ll damage your professional image as a confident and powerful executive.

A lot of us might not think of sneakers as CEO office shoes for men. But you can wear sneakers to the office as long as they fit the dress code and are the right style.

For example, the photos below show our male executive image consulting clients have worn sneakers while still looking confident, trustworthy, and professional:

Men's CEO Image Consulting After NLW Styling

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About the Author - Cassandra Sethi
About the Author - Cassandra Sethi

Personal Stylist & Image Consultant

Cassandra Sethi is a Personal Stylist and Founder of Next Level Wardrobe, a luxury Personal Styling and Shopping Service that helps successful professionals of all ages and sizes. After working in the fashion industry for over 25 years, she used her expert knowledge to create a proprietary styling system called ‘The Next Level Wardrobe Style System' which guarantees clients more outfits with less items in their closet. NLW has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Tamron Hall Show, NY Mag, Huffington Post and more.

*Disclosure: Next Level Wardrobe only recommends products that we’d suggest to our clients or personally wear ourselves. All opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, Next Level Wardrobe may earn a small commission. Read the full privacy policy here.

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Cassandra Sethi

is a NYC Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. She is the Founder of Next Level Wardrobe and 'The NLW Style System' that guarantees clients more outfits with less items.

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