Business Casual Outfits for Men (with real life examples)

Outfit 1. The perfect business casual outfit for day to night


THE BIG TAKEAWAY: Notice all the textures in this outfit– everything from the leather jacket to polo and heather grey pant. BUT they all look like they belong together.

How did he do this?

His stylist chose one color family to stay within as she put together this look.

If you want to try this for yourself, test out staying within a grey color and then building an outfit with light to dark shades.


Outfit 2: The Modern Business Casual Outfit



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THE BIG TAKEAWAY: Notice how he’s wearing all black but he looks so put together.


Because of the flattering fit of his outfit and modern shoes.

(BTW Guys, please don’t wear gym shoes as daytime shoes).


Outfit 3: A timeliness outfit perfect for day to night

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THE BIG TAKEAWAY: Need to look more ‘formal’ but don’t want to wear a traditional long sleeve button up shirt?

Try a polo. Polos are a great go to piece, that have a touch of formality but don’t read as casual as a plain t-shirt.

They are also an essential piece if you often go from the office to night time events.

Throw on a blazer for a night out and you’ll be good to go!

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