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personal stylist for men - Next Level Wardrobe provides Express Styling services to men

Why is it so hard for men to find style advice?

Between the Reddit threads, YouTube videos and Magazines (I’m looking at you GQ)- there is out there

And it’s usually for guys that want to be a bit more fashion forward and attention grabbing

But what about for YOU? 

– A man that just wants to look good and not be the center of attention. 

– A man that wants to finally create a ‘style system’ and put together effortless looking outfits easily.

– A man that wants to optimize his style by learning how to create more outfits with less stuff.


Style is a skill that you can get better at, and despite what many think, you can use your style to create the right impression – for your workplace, personal life and for yourself. 

Next Level Wardrobe’s personal styling services for men will put you on the right path to better style.

Who’s this service for

Our Express Personal Styling for Men is for motivated professionals that have recently started their own business or are mid-way through their careers with plans to move up the corporate ladder. While they’re constantly interacting with their boss, peers and clients, they’re getting more exposure to Senior Management. They’re serious about their career and understand the importance of investing in how they present themselves.

The Personal Styling Process



Closet Edit

In this first step in the Express Styling process, we will analyze your closet piece by piece to figure out what you should keep or donate.

You’ll try on garments and get advice on fit, then we’ll identify what’s missing from your wardrobe and organize it so you can wear everything.

Any items that you want to move on from will be donated by Next Level Wardrobe so you don’t have to lift a finger.



One-Day Shopping Experience

You’ll walk into private fitting rooms with outfits selected just for you, your lifestyle and body type.

Along the way, you’ll feel assured that you’re investing in the right items, you’ll learn what brands are best for your body type and how to piece together amazing outfits for any occasion.



Personalized Outfit Guide

Never again will you ask yourself ‘what should I wear today?’

You’ll receive a customized outfit guide — based off of items that you currently own and love.

With 5 custom head to toe looks, you’ll feel confident in any outfit you wear.

The Men's Express Personal Styling Service Includes:

Alteration costs so you get the perfect fit

Rush fees so you get finished alterations quickly

Messenger service with all purchases delivered to your home

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