Business Casual Outfits for Women (with real life examples)

Outfit 1: Make an all black outfit less boring with a pop of print

THE BIG TAKEAWAY: All black outfits don’t have to be boring!

Give your all black outfit some personality by pairing with a sophisticated print or color. If you’re feeling more bold or want to make a statement, you can turn it up by wearing a bolder color like red or purple.

Either way you can’t go wrong!

Outfit 2. Ditch a traditional coordinating suit and opt for modern textures

THE BIG TAKEAWAY: When most people think of formal and business casual outfits- a picture of a frumpy coordinating suit comes to mind.

Nowadays there are so many modern options for women when it comes to looking put together and sophisticated.

Take the picture above.

Notice how she plays with different tones of the same color (tan) and mixes in different textures of fabrics– the silk skirt with the structured blazer.

Outfit 3. Play with darker to lighter shades of one color

THE BIG TAKEAWAY: A great style tip to remember is to pick one color then build an outfit around it- using dark to light shades.

As you can see she picked maroon for her pant, then went with a pop of color for the top.

For something more subtle, she could have also done navy, white, or even grey.

This reliable style formula is a great go-to when you aren’t sure what to wear and spending too much time figuring it out.