How a Wardrobe Consultant Can Refresh Your Closet

Great style begins and ends with what’s in your closet, so it’s important to do at least one big closet cleanout per year to keep things fresh.

Read on to learn about how a closet cleanout with a wardrobe consultant can help you feel more confident in your style.

The Benefits of a Closet Cleanout

Besides simply reducing clutter in your life (always a win), a closet cleanout will give you…

  1. Better clarity
    Tired of staring into your closet every morning and having no idea what to wear? A closet cleanout will make confusion over getting dressed a thing of the past.
  2. More confidence
    By getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit or doesn’t feel like “you,” you’ll ensure that you keep only pieces you feel amazing in.
  3. More outfits with less stuff in your closet
    Clearing out clothes that don’t suit you or don’t go with the rest of your wardrobe will make it easier to mix-and-match items.

Having a neutral third party (aka a personal stylist) assist with your closet edit will help you see your style from a whole new perspective, so you can feel confident with what’s left in your closet and create new looks you never considered before.

Closet Observations From a Wardrobe Consultant

Wondering what a stylist would say about your closet?

Here three real-life closet images along with my observations:

Closet 1

A messy Closet With Advice From Next Level Wardrobe Consultant Cassandra Sethi

Closet 2

Closet With Packing Trash Laying On Floor And Advice From Wardrobe Consultant Cassandra Sethi

Closet 3

Closet Stuffed With Clothes And Advice From Wardrobe Consultant From Next Level Wardrobe

Mindset Matters

A personal stylist can also help you work through mindsets that have been holding you back when it comes to your style.

Some common ones I see when working with clients include:

  1. Feeling guilty for deciding to donate items, if they’ve hardly worn them or never worn them.
  2. Feeling uncertain about letting certain pieces go even if they don’t wear them. Worrying they’ll never find another great item like that again.
  3. Feeling frustration that they don’t fit into what’s in their closet and then bad about themselves.

Remember that in order to have true style transformation, a closet edit is a critical first step in the process.

Need wardrobe help? Check out my image consulting services to get your closet transformation started.

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