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image consulting services - Next Level Wardrobe provides image consulting services to women

Why is it important to create an executive image?

Whether you’re working your way up the corporate ladder or run your own company, first impressions matter. 

In the blink of an eye people evaluate you based on your image, making long term judgments about how they are going to interact with you, work with you, and talk about you to others.

In a world where there are people selling the same product or service, creating an executive brand can help you differentiate yourself from others and make the best first impression.

Next Level Wardrobe’s image consulting services will help you build a professional style with a stylish wardrobe that is tailored to your body, true to your personality, and tells people you find your work meaningful.

Who’s this service for

This image consulting service is perfect for successful entrepreneurs, VP’s all the way to C-Suite executives who want to create, build and become more intentional with their image and executive style. These busy professionals have hired a coach in other areas of their life, realize the value of projecting the right image and just want it done right for them- the first time around.

The Image Consulting Service Process



Image Creation

Our image consulting starts with digging into who you are, what sets you apart, what you want to communicate by your visual appearance and more.

You’ll then receive your custom Executive Image Dossier. It will detail the visual game plan for your executive brand- what it’ll look like, feel like and how it’ll be presented to the world.



Closet Edit

We’ll go through your closet piece by piece to figure out what you should keep, or donate.

You’ll try garments to get advice on fit, we’ll identify what the gaps are in your closet and organize in a way so you can wear everything.

Any items that you want to move on from, will be donated by Next Level Wardrobe so you don’t have to lift a finger.



Two-Day Shopping Experience

You’ll walk into private fitting rooms with outfits selected just for you, your lifestyle and body type.

Along the way, you’ll feel confident that you’re investing in the right items, you’ll learn what brands are best for your body type and how to put amazing outfits together for any occasion.



Personalized Outfit Guide

You’ll never again have to ask yourself ‘what should I wear today?’

You’ll receive a customized outfit guide— based off of items that you currently own, love and are hanging in your closet.

With 10 custom head to toe looks, you’ll feel confident in any outfit you wear.

The Image Consulting
Experience includes:

Alteration costs so you get the perfect fit

Rush fees so you get finished alterations quickly

Messenger service with all purchases delivered to your home

Scent experience- we'll find your signature scent

NYC Airport pickup & drop-offs for stress free travel

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