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Two stories of my favorite client wardrobe makeovers

The average US woman is a size 16 according to a study done by fashion researchers analyzing the plus-sized fashion industry. 

Plus-sized consumers have struggled with the fashion industry for a variety of reasons, including on the topic of vanity sizing, which has made it tough for people to understand and order their typical size.

The good news is that personal styling is for all body types, and body size should never be a reason for anyone to not look amazing and powerful.

If you’re on a mission to ensure your style is reflected in your wardrobe choices, and you want to choose items that are flattering on YOUR body, I can help

I’ve worked with successful men and women of all body types and I’m especially proud to partner with my plus-sized styling clients on my virtual services. 

Here are two of their stories.

Linda, 36, Executive for a Nationwide Retailer

As a busy executive and mother of two, Linda definitely didn’t have time to shop, let alone spend time analyzing what was most figure-flattering and business formal for her traditional workplace. 

She spent hours, online shopping, trying to figure out the puzzle of building a plus-sized capsule wardrobe for a working woman, and just wasn’t finding plus-sized brands and outfits that fit her style and the image she wanted to embody.

Her pre-makeover closet was a mix of items from the past and more recent ‘emergency’ purchases- when she just needed something that fit. 

There was very little in there that she loved, and even fewer pieces that made her feel confident. Her wardrobe wasn’t serving her because it didn’t reflect the success that she’d built for herself – professionally and personally.

What I did to help

Linda invested in my Executive Image Consulting Experience for Women, which includes creating a style and image strategy as well as bringing it to life to ensure that it all aligns with her story today.

She was ready to start over from square one and to get serious and intentional about her image and how she was presenting herself as a corporate leader. I created a style and image strategy that reflected her story, success, and goals, and would be an investment towards propelling her future success as well. 

I put together outfits for an upcoming photoshoot for Linda, as it had been years since she had her photos taken professionally. She wanted to ensure that her new image was reflected in all public profiles. 

Here are two outfits that I created for her professional photoshoot, based on her style and image strategy. 

Notice how these outfits whisper classic, sophisticated style. They are meant to support Linda’s story, not distract from it.

I opted for a v neck blouse underneath the blazers because of her body type. She has a bigger bust so this will be the most flattering and conservative style for her new images. 

Michelle, 50, Physician

Michelle was more than underwhelmed when she looked in her closet after recently turning 50 and enduring some major life transitions.

She had lost weight and not only did her clothing not fit well anymore, but it didn’t reflect her true personality and the image she wanted to portray. 

As a busy Mom who works full time,  she had fallen into that selfless pattern of investing in her family but forgetting herself along the way. 

She was ready to refocus on prioritizing her needs so she could continue to give her time and mental energy to her family. Improving her style was an investment for her, having never worked with a personal stylist, that she was ready to make. 

What I did to help

Michelle craved a more put-together, sophisticated style that reflected her workplace and family accomplishments, so she invested in my Virtual Personal Styling Service for Women

In this comprehensive styling service, every session builds off of the first. We started with a closet clean out because after all– great style begins and ends with your closet.

Here’s what her closet looked like before- we got rid of about 60% of it during our closet edit. Michelle did a great job of getting rid of old stuff to make way for the new!

I then shopped for her online, paying special attention to her lifestyle, preferences, and body type.

I focused on transitioning her from oversized, boho- style clothes to a more fitted, elevated and sophisticated outfits. 

Check out this outfit which I put together for her. Notice how it looks so put together, modern, yet approachable and is suitable for her professional lifestyle since she’s on her feet all day.

Michelle has short hair, so I loved this asymmetrical neckline for her. She’ll throw on a pair of earrings, and/or bracelets, comfortable sandals and it’s the perfect professional summer outfit!

Because I made sure Michelle had the right items in your wardrobe, that would give her versatility- she is able to confidently incorporate colors like this beautiful brighter blue. 

Notice how great it looks paired back to a straight black pair of pants- she could also wear navy bottoms too!

I love teaching and coaching my amazing plus-size clients that they can wear more than they think, there are great brands out there for them (more than they think!) and they can use their clothing to feel confident every day.

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Cassandra Sethi is a NYC Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. After working over 15 years in the Fashion Industry, most recently as a Senior Buyer for Equinox, she created her business, Next Level Wardrobe – a luxury personal shopping service for successful professionals.

Next Level Wardrobe has been featured in Wall Street Journal, Today and CNN. See here.


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