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Some of my female clients initially expressed hesitations with beginning professional styling services because they were plus-sized.

While their concerns are valid, the idea that you shouldn’t dress fashionably and receive professional help because of your size couldn’t be further from the truth.

In my services for plus-sized clients, I focus on flattering fits, quality materials, and styles that portray your personal brand – no matter your size.

Here are the top five brands I’m recommending for quality plus size minimalist clothing:

Universal Standard, one of Next Level Wardrobe's recommended minimalist brands for plus size women


If you are plus-sized and pregnant, you will notice an additional layer of struggle to find brands that are trendy, well-made, and minimalistic.

Luckily, Universal Standard fits the bill, and offers up to 4x in both regular clothes and maternity wear.

The site is very open about their sizing, including step by step measurements on how to find the exact size for you, and testimonials from customers on how well the clothes fit their figure.


Nobody should have to guess their size to choose high quality, luxurious clothes. This brand ensures that doesn’t have to happen.

The most unique feature of the brand is a program called “Fit Liberty” which means that if you purchase a (select) item and your size changes, the company will switch it for you for free.

This allows you to wear clothes without having to anticipate what your future body may look like, and to truly embrace your current shape now.


Universal Standard sizes range from 00-40, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re looking for cozy work from home dresses (that you can also wear casually), check out the dresses that they offer. They are so low maintenance, versatile and flattering.

Veronica Beard, one of Next Level Wardrobe's recommended minimalist brands for plus size women


Started eight years ago by sisters-in-law Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard, the “Veronicas” are a force to be reckoned with.

They originally gained popularity for their Dickey jacket, a blazer with an interchangeable liner.

From there the sisters moved towards more feminine pieces that they say requires no thought to put together into an amazing outfit.


Veronica Beard is great for women who want quality plus size clothing, but not full blown designer threads.

They have high-quality pieces that are investments, but will last you for a long time. The best part is that if you buy the right pieces, you’ll be able to wear them throughout the year to dressy or more casual occasions.


I recently put a client in their classic dickey jacket and it fit perfectly! No alterations needed.

This item is perfect to dress up for more formal work from home occasions, or you can pair with a t-shirt for a casual weekend.

Nic and Zoe, one of Next Level Wardrobe's recommended minimalist brands for plus size women


This company was started with a single sweater- by a mother daughter duo. They wanted to create a line that had a touch of femininity but was actually functional throughout their customer’s busy day.



I love to recommend this brand to my plus-size clients because their items have a great fit and are easy to create outfits with.

Nic + Zoe do basics really well but they also offer more bold pieces for professional women who want to make more of a statement through colors, prints and textures.

The fit of their items for plus size women is great too. I’ve ordered it for several clients and find it to fit well- I can tell the brand has put a lot of thought into how the garment looks on a women’s body.



I’ve worked with numerous clients that had a bigger chest and they always had trouble finding a perfect go-to top for professional occasions.

Cue the Day to Night Top.

This top is perfect for women that want to be comfortable and confident throughout their day. This shirt, has ruching in the middle of the back to make it slightly more fitted and best of all- you can wear a regular bra with it!

Lafayette 148, one of Next Level Wardrobe's recommended minimalist brands for plus size women


This classic New York brand embodies everything women in the city strive for: minimalism, high quality and construction, and luxury.

Their new headquarters in the Brooklyn Navy Yard means this company is truly local, and able to stay in tune with what a professional working woman in New York, and other major cities and beyond, want from an outfit.


Sometimes my plus-sized personal styling clients are unsure how to wear color, but a well-fitted piece in a beautiful color commands positive attention in the workplace and beyond.

Their fall line offers a surprising array of colors you may not typically associate with fall, from pinks and pale blues, to more traditional fall colors like deep oranges and yellows.

They also offer very sophisticated, quality plus size investment pieces — trousers, layering pieces and great fitting tees– all essentials to building a professional capsule wardrobe.


If you want to build a low maintenance wardrobe with dresses, fill it up with dresses from this brand. They have a great selection of quality plus size dresses for professional women that work with any dress code.

11 Honore, one of Next Level Wardrobe's recommended minimalist brands for plus size women


In the age of vanity sizing, it can be especially tough for women to understand what size they are across brands.

11 Honorè promises consistent sizing across items, so once you find something that fits, you can order other pieces that you know will fit just as well.

The brand boasts strategic placement of stretchy material to ensure a flattering fit across all sizes and body types.


It’s important for women of all sizes to be able to see as close to an accurate representation of their body modeling the clothes, and this brand delivers. They feature plus size models on their website and advertising campaigns which is amazing.

I also recommend 11 Honorè because they not only offer their own clothing brand, but they sell designer brands as well!


11 Honorè has a great selection of dresses for evening events- if you have upcoming events in your calendar, check out their offering – especially if you love color and prints.

Eileen Fischer, one of Next Level Wardrobe's recommended minimalist brands for plus size women


It doesn’t get much simpler than one brand building a capsule wardrobe for you, and offering extended sizing.

Eileen Fisher creates “six simple shapes,” a plan that ensures you can mix and match items in your closet purchased from this brand without worrying about which will go together.

One amazing feature of their site is the ability to filter for not only plus sizes but also by fabric, allowing you to quickly find a silk blouse in your size, or organic linen knits.


This eco-friendly brand is leading the way with clothes recycling and has collected 1.4 million of their own used items to be recycled and repurposed.

If you are a working professional with an eye towards the environment, this is a brand you can feel good about wearing.


I’ve put all clients of different ages and body types in this brand- it’s so timeless.

If your body changes often, I recommend investing in a pair of trousers with an elastic band, like these. These will help you feel and look put together while going through body transitions.

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Next Level Wardrobe has been featured in Wall Street Journal, Today and CNN. See here.


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