How to Dress as a Female Lawyer

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Looking for guidance on how to dress as a female lawyer without looking stuffy?

Read on for simple advice and wardrobe tips every female lawyer needs to hear.

First, a quick two cents about your lawyer style.

Lawyer style is conservative, but remember conservative style doesn’t also have to mean frumpy, matronly or unflattering.

The lawyer clients I’ve worked with needed to dress conservatively, and we accomplished that without making them invisible or sacrificing a sense of style that they love.

Also, lawyer style doesn’t have to be limited to black and navy suits: It is possible to strategically incorporate pops of colors and prints while looking polished at the same time.

Here are 4 examples of REAL women and a breakdown of their lawyer style.

Joanna + the Power Suit

My client Joanna had been on the fence about hiring a stylist but made the decision once and for all when she hid from her managers at the airport. Yes, actually hid because she was so embarrassed by what she was wearing!

She had just started out her career in NYC and wanted to look polished and professional.

It was important to Joanna that her clothing communicated that she deserved to be in the room and had something important to say.

The plaid suit she’s wearing above is one of many that she purchased that day with my guidance.

If you work in law, a power suit is a MUST for your wardrobe. Not only can you wear the jacket and pants together, you can also wear each piece with other items.

For example, Joanna could wear the blazer with a pair of dark jeans, navy trousers, or even black pants, while the pants could be remixed with a navy or white blouse and a great pair of heels.

Danielle + Statement Trousers

Next Level Wardrobe Client Danielle In Statement Trousers As An Example Of How To Dress As A Female Lawyer

My client Danielle was being considered for a big promotion at the law firm she worked at.

She was about a year out from the decision and wanted to make sure that every element of her image was supporting her promotion. The last thing she wanted was for her clothing to be used as a reason to NOT move her forward.

On Danielle’s shopping trip, we stocked up on tops and bottoms in core colors. But I also strategically interjected some statement trousers in her wardrobe, like the ones she’s wearing above, and they looked great on her.

Think of trousers as the big sister of jeans: They typically look more put together, and they pair perfectly with more structured pieces like blazers.

Trousers are a great place to invest if you want to do something more bold. But if you don’t want bright colors or prints, no problem — invest in a pair of navy and grey trousers instead.

Molly + Monochrome Looks


As a high-powered female lawyer, Molly from HBO’s Insecure quickly became a fashion icon.

One of Molly’s signature looks on the show is monochrome outfits, and I highly recommend you try them out for yourself: They’re an easy to remember outfit formula that always looks put together and will work for any event on your calendar.

Monochrome outfits are as simple as choosing one color and wearing it head to toe. You can play with different textures to add visual interest, and keep in mind the shades don’t have to match perfectly.

When you’re a busy lawyer, you shouldn’t be wasting time trying to decide what to wear — so this simple outfit formula is a must.

Kamala + Core Colors

Kamala Harris Is Our Style Insp In This Blazer, Tee, And Jeans Paired With Black Converse

Before she was Madam Vice President, Kamala Harris worked as a prosecutor, working her way up to Attorney General of California.

While Kamala’s outfits have evolved over the years, her female lawyer clothing is still very much present in her newest job as VP.

She’s almost always seen wearing core colors — lots of navy and black — which convey seriousness and authority, though she often makes her look more approachable by adding her signature Converse sneakers.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to dress as a female lawyer, try doing a Google search for well-known, successful women who work in law and take cues from them.


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