Alternatives to Jeans for Men

Watch the video above from my YouTube channel to discover my recommendations for men’s alternatives to jeans.

men's jeans alternatives

My client, Akash, sporting his no jean outfits on a shopping experience.

One of my main goals in my men’s personal styling services online is to diversify wardrobes and open up my clients to the possibilities that exist beyond what they’ve always worn.

Jeans are one of the most common casual staples in a man’s wardrobe, but many are thrilled to discover they don’t always have to wear jeans.

Here are my three top picks for alternatives to jeans for men:

Alternative #1: Pants with drawcords

drawstring pants for men

My recommendation: Cropped Drawstring Pants | Eleventy

Pants with drawcords are a must for your closet.

The versatility of these types of pants make them an essential for building a minimalist wardrobe, as they will stand the test of time if you change sizes slightly.

As you go through body transitions in life, the drawcord will allow them to fit still, unless the size change is significant.


Why I picked it:

This cropped option from Eleventy is a modern take on a men’s drawcord pant, as cuffs elevate the style and look more put together than a traditional length pant.

It can be worn throughout the year, and paired with sneakers or boots to make the pants look more casual or formal.

Drawcord pants pair well with a variety of tops, from cashmere sweaters to a t-shirt and blazer.


Alternative #2: Pants in a new fabric

alternatives to jeans for men

My recommendation: ABC Pants | Lululemon

Comfort is key to a wardrobe that will serve you for years to come.

If it isn’t completely comfortable the first time you wear it, you aren’t going to reach for it again and again (those stiff jeans coming to mind yet?).

Luckily, designers are aware of this need and are giving consumers more variety in their fabric choices than ever before. Look for blends such as: cotton/spandex, polyester, and viscose for maximum comfort.


Why I picked it:

I recommend this pant to my clients who use my image consulting services as a comfortable alternative to men’s jeans.

The fabric offers four-way stretch, quick-drying, and wrinkle-resistant (meaning you’ll never need that iron). ABC stands for “Anti-Ball-Crushing” pants, so men can rest assured that these pants don’t run too tight in areas they shouldn’t, which can be a common complaint with men’s pants.

These pants are offered in sizes up to a 46.

Alternative #3: Pants in a new color or texture

men's khakis

My recommendation: Transcend Normandie Straight Leg Jeans | Paige

Designers are giving consumers more variety in their fabric choices than ever before. Look for blends such as: cotton/spandex, polyester, and viscose for maximum comfort.


Why I picked it:

I recently worked with an executive client who lived in the Midwest who only had jeans in his wardrobe.

He was a prime candidate for diversifying his options for pants, and these Transcend straight leg jeans were the perfect suggestions for him. They are called jeans, and look like jeans, but they sure don’t feel like them.

The fabric, color, and texture are not the same as jeans, and neither was the reaction he had when he put them on: “These are so comfortable!”

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