Video game sound producer Akash Thakkar’s online styling experience

Clients sometimes wonder what online personal styling services involve, so I’d like to give you an inside peek into the style transformation that my client, Akash, went through starting in 2019.

Akash produces custom sounds in the video game industry, so as you can imagine he’s far from boring, and so were his style needs. He was ready to have his wardrobe reflect that!

When he first came to me for virtual styling help, it was mainly so he could improve his look for professional events outside of his typical work from home schedule.

He also wanted to look amazing on dates and other events in his personal life, and to communicate via social media that both he and his style were fun, quirky and an expert in his field.

Here’s Akash’s style transformation story.

Style session 1: Corporate Image Consulting

A great place for successful professionals to start in beginning to elevate their style through online styling is to purchase my corporate image consulting experience which is what Akash did.

Our first step in this package was to craft his personal brand that communicated a certain image, which he knew would elevate his confidence as well as others’ perception of him.

A conversation that always helps jumpstart branding sessions is to consider who your style role model is.

Akash’s vision was to incorporate statement outfits, pops of unexpected bold color, funky prints, and texture.

Akash filled out a questionnaire, and then I created his personal brand dossier, including three brand colors he would wear often.

Each would portray key traits that he wanted to integrate into his image.

For example, blue communicates trust to his colleagues and clients, green signals growth, confidence, and calm, and teal shows self-awareness and reliability.

For special occasions, he would add a pop of color using red, to signify passion and drive. He also loved wearing red so it was important to incorporate that into his wardrobe.

With all of my styling clients, I recommend they stick to mixing and matching these brand colors to core colors, such as gray, blue, white, and black, which helps ensure easy selections from your closet and no more “I have nothing to wear” confusion.

Now that we had his north star to guide his style, it was time to execute it.

First, we did a virtual closet clean out, as I do as a part of my online styling services, to help move Akash towards a capsule wardrobe in the recommended colors.

Then, he came to NYC to work with me in person for a 2-day shopping experience, where he walked into private fitting rooms with outfits selected just for him.

The in-person shopping really helped Akash to understand how to put his personal branding into practice, and we found amazing brands that fit his body with few alterations.

He quickly was looking more luxe, yet approachable and fun. It was key for him to learn that alterations should be expected, and are part of a normal styling process to ensure everything fits well on your specific frame.

Akash finished the two-day shopping trip with some ready-to-wear outfits that fit the personal style brand we created together. There wasn’t a single boring outfit in his closet!

Akash said “I’ve noticed that most online style options tend to be more conservative, while I wanted something more edgy and attention-grabbing. Cass’s selections suited that need perfectly. Everything from more formal, casual and workout clothes were totally upgraded and suit my style perfectly.”

Style session 2: Online Virtual Styling

This past spring, Akash wanted to get some seasonal updates for his spring and summer wardrobe, but because of the pandemic, nobody was going to be traveling anywhere.

Luckily, all of my services for 2020 are virtual and so he moved forward with my virtual personal styling service for men

Since Akash and I had worked together previously, we already had his style guide prepared (picture above) which listed all of the brands he purchased in his first style session.

This reference list is something that all my clients receive as it becomes their master list of what their go-to brands are. My clients use this long after we are finished with our virtual styling sessions together.

Keeping in mind that Akash isn’t afraid of color, prints, and making a statement, I was excited to work on clothes for warmer months; it’s the perfect time to sport a bolder color or print.

As I do with all of my virtual styling clients, I sent him selections, personalized to his body type, lifestyle and style goals, complete with a live link to order in his size and color with a picture.

Once he received the items, we scheduled an hour for him to try everything on, and I advised him what to keep or return based on fit.

Here are a few looks that I put together for him, which incorporated items that he already had in his wardrobe from our previous shopping trip and new items he received:

Because we had already identified what his go-to brands were in his style guide, his online virtual styling experience was completely seamless. 

Not only did he get some comfortable, ‘on-brand’ outfits for his current lifestyle (and beyond) but he loved all of his new purchases.

In the end, Akash was more than pleased with our progress. 

“Cass did an absolutely amazing job helping me upgrade my wardrobe…totally work with her. You won’t regret it.”

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Cassandra Sethi is a NYC Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. After working over 15 years in the Fashion Industry, most recently as a Senior Buyer for Equinox, she created her business, Next Level Wardrobe – a luxury personal shopping service for successful professionals. Cassandra’s been featured in Greatist, Livestrong and NY Mag.


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