Our Favorite Fall & Winter Accessories for Women

A wardrobe isn’t complete without having a little fun with accessories, and winter is the perfect time to start.

Here are my top three picks for the chilly weather approaching to elevate your fall and winter accessories.

A cozy scarf

cozy gray winter scarf around woman's neck

My pick: White and Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap Scarf | Shop Bop

Building a minimalist wardrobe is not just about simple, functional style, but also about comfort.

Winter accessories call for warm, cozy fabrics such as a cashmere scarf to ward off the freezing winds and also to give your outfit depth and interest.

Why I picked it:

Cashmere is one of my favorite fabrics that I recommend to my women’s personal styling clients.

Not only is it the softest and most comfortable choice, but it also instantly makes you feel more luxurious. Clothes can and should have this effect on you when you make high-quality investments in your wardrobe.

Styling tip:

Make sure to purchase this scarf in multiple core colors, especially gray and navy.

It’ll pair well with a variety of outfits. Don’t forget to bring this soon-to-be favorite fall and winter accessory when you travel as well.

Utility boots

sorel brown and gray utility boot with cream rubber sole

My pick: Women’s Explorer Joan Boot | Sorel

Depending on your location, winter boots shouldn’t just be for looks, but function.

Trekking to work or around town in freezing and possibly snowy weather calls for durable utility boots. Luckily these options allow you to be stylish and functional at the same time.

Why I picked it:

Boot season is one of the best seasons. Fluffy socks and cozy feet are a staple for the winter, and these boots allow for all of this plus a fun, casual look.

Waterproofed, insulated, and outsole in rubber, these boots are the ultimate winter upgrade from sneakers to a more weather resistant option.

Styling tip:

Pair these with skinny jeans and a sweater for a casual look for running around town or weekend wear.

Check out the Quarry Black or Khaki options for color tones that will match most casual fall minimalist outfits.

A winter purse

black leather purse

My pick: Yuzefi Leather Basket Bag | SAKS Fifth Avenue

If you’ve been wearing the same purse all year, it’s time for a cold-weather change. Fall and winter is a great time to play with purse textures and colors, from plaid to deep, rich, fall colors.

Why I picked it:

If you’ve been following my 3-step style system, integrating a bold purse as a winter accessory will be natural for you. If not, check out my system to simplify your wardrobe choices and help take the guesswork out of getting ready in the morning.

Have fun with your winter purse and other accessories because your wardrobe allows for most items to match that pop of color.

Styling tip:

The unique shape and structure of this purse make it an eye-catching addition to your winter wardrobe.

Both the birch and caramel options are deep and bold fall colors that work well. For other purses, check out dark oranges, yellows, and greens as well.

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