Monochromatic outfit ideas for men

Sometimes you just need an easy outfit that looks effortless and put together.

Men’s monochromatic outfits are the solution, as they involve an easy formula that you can remember on days you just don’t have the mental energy to try, but need to look put together.

Here are three monochromatic outfits for men that work with any dress code, and my men’s personal styling service clients have loved in the past.



Outfit #1: All navy

One of my all time favorite, yet underutilized looks for my male styling clients is a head to toe navy outfit. 

Navy is not as intense as black, and can come off more approachable in certain situations, but looks professional and stylish. 

To follow a monochromatic style when creating a navy outfit, pick two navy pieces (they don’t have to match perfectly). Another option is to wear the same shade of navy from head to toe – like the picture above.

Dark brown boots or a clean white sneaker are a nice footwear option for this monochromatic look. 

My recommendation: Slim fit cashmere sweater | Mr. Porter    

Why I picked it: This cashmere sweater will be a year-round staple in addition to a fun part of your navy monochromatic outfit. 

It features details such as an ottoman stitch around the neckline, and can be dressed up with a navy blazer or dressed down and worn on its own with jeans on the weekend.

Outfit #2: All black

The power of an all-black outfit is well-known and classic, and can be a sophisticated monochromatic outfit for men.

You may wonder how you can even play with shades of black for your monochromatic men’s outfit? If the blacks match perfectly that’s okay! 

If one item is slightly lighter than the other, that item should go on top, with darker items towards the bottom. 

I recommend to my men’s styling clients that they save these all black outfits for times they want to make an impression without looking like they are trying too hard, whether it’s on a date or for a meeting with an important client. 

My recommendation: Slim fit shawl collar cashmere cardigan| Mr. Porter

Why I picked it: When I dress male clients in monochromatic outfits, especially black, I like to focus on creating depth through layering pieces. 

Jackets are an easy way to accomplish this, with the added bonus of never getting chilly in the office or on a crisp evening, or being able to take it off for a walking lunch meeting on a sunny day.

This particular pick is made from Italian cashmere so it feels super soft and luxurious to wear. Pair this with t-shirts, polos, and button-downs in the office and beyond.

Outfit #3: All Grey

What this photo of Seth Rogan sporting an all gray look teaches us is that a men’s monochromatic outfit doesn’t have to mean that every single item has to be the same color for it to work. 

He adds pops of white through his shirt and sneakers, adding another level of cool and casual, while following the rules of monochromatic outfits. 

This formula (to go mostly one color, with a few pops of another neutral color) can help beginners who aren’t too sure about going head to toe monochromatic get their feet wet.

My recommendation: Kemble Suede Slim Fit Bomber Jacket | Bloomingdale’s

Why I picked it: You will notice that many of the items I select for my male clients, including all of the options on this post, are labeled slim fit. 

This isn’t because each of my styling clients has the same body type, but rather because often slim options from companies provide a more fitted look that flatter my clients body types much better and make them look so put together. (Fit is one of our key considerations when we do closet cleanouts with clients.)

This suede bomber jacket makes for a visually interesting addition to an all-gray outfit, as playing with fabrics and textures can help the outfit to not look the same on the top and bottom. The company calls this piece an “edgy but wearable you’ll reach for all season,” which is another reason it’s a great choice for your first monochromatic gray outfit. 

Pro tip: size up in this item, and some others that say slim fit, as recommended on the site. 

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