Fall Layering Tips for Men

There’s a chill in the air, and it’s time to consider additional layers to stay warm through the fall and winter months. But how do you layer up while enhancing your personal image and style? Here are my favorite fall layering tips for men.

Step 1: Pick your color scheme

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One of my favorite fall looks that I recommend to my male personal styling clients is to pick a great color and stick with it. Monochromatic looks involve choosing multiple shades of the same color, and wearing it head to toe.

It’s a formula that’s easy to remember, looks great, and is impossible to mess up. I recommend monochromatic looks for all of my male styling clients, especially when we discuss fall layering tips for men.

Step 2: Go light to dark

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Once you’ve determined your color, opt for lighter pieces on top and darker on the bottom.

For example, you may choose a light sky blue shirt and darker navy pants. This strategy creates a more interesting and stylish look than darker items on top.

The monochromatic look works well for meetings at home all the way to more formal events.

Step 3: Focus on the basics

Mens Shirts In Core Colors Help With Fall Layering

Build your base layers by incorporating short or long sleeve t-shirts first.

Choose lightweight basics that are effortless and low maintenance. Creating a super comfortable base layer ensures that you won’t be sweaty, chilly, or uncomfortable in spite of how much your office heat is cranked up.

Fabrics to look out for include natural fibers- cotton, cotton blends, wool and wool blends. You want fabrics that are going to keep you cool throughout the season.

Step 4: Keep the layers light

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Fall can feel like an impossible time to get dressed.

You’re hot, you’re cold, the weather can’t make up its mind, and you spend time taking layers off and putting them back on all day.

One way to make sure you are ready for any situation is to use light layers. Layering lightweight pieces such as a cashmere cardigan or knit blazer will ensure you have the ability to transition between warmer and colder environments easily.

Step 5: Add a statement piece

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When it comes to this last step, think of it as the cherry on top of your style sundae.

If you’re a guy that wants a more bold look- use your statement piece as one that plays with bolder colors, textures or prints. If you coordinate that with core colors, you seriously can’t go wrong.

If you want a more ‘effortless’ look, there are plenty of options for you in your statement piece. One more subtle way is to play with textures, so think suede, wool blends- there are so many great options. Again, once you pair back to your core colors you’re all good.

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