A Minimalist’s Guide to Accessories

Accessorizing a minimalist outfit means being selective about your jewelry, as well as intentional. 

This minimalist’s style guide to accessories will help you answer these questions, as many of my personal styling clients have asked before.

Question 1. Do I need to wear accessories?


You don’t have to wear accessories to be fashionable. It’s a personal preference. 

For me, I accessorize my minimalist outfits with simply my wedding ring and my hoops and that’s all. Sometimes I will put on a statement earring or maybe some bracelets but it’s a bit too high maintenance for me for day to day wear.

You shouldn’t feel pressure to wear jewelry in any way, and you can remain stylish and fashionable without it as well.

Question 2. If I do want to wear jewelry, where do I start?

First, figure out which type of jewelry you actually enjoy wearing. 

If bracelets just get in the way when you are typing or working, and you always end up taking them off, maybe those aren’t for you. 

If earrings get caught in your hair and bother you, it’s defeating one of the main purposes of accessorizing a minimalist outfit: function. 

If you want to keep things simple, invest in gold and silver. Between those two metals, you’ll be set to wear them with any outfit.

My recommendation: 

Mini Natasha Hoops | Jennifer Fisher

These simple and classic earrings could accompany a cocktail dress or jeans and a plain tee equally well, making them a versatile choice. These 1-inch hoops come in yellow gold, silver, and rose gold options.

Not sure the size of the hoops you should get? 

If you want to be sassy, get a bigger hoop! For formal and business casual offices, play it safe with a smaller hoop (1 inch or smaller)

Question 3. “I already love wearing jewelry, but how do I wear it?”

Just because you’ve committed to dressing like a minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a variety of jewelry as you have before. 

Jewelry is meant to be fun, so there are no hard and fast rules you have to follow.

My advice to my styling clients who ask me about wearing jewelry is to let one piece have the spotlight at a time. If I wear a statement earring, I won’t pair it with a statement necklace. I might wear bracelets instead to allow the earring to be the focal point.

So, start with your statement piece and tone down other choices from there if you are wearing earrings, necklaces, bracelets and/or rings all together at once. 

If you are looking for some new jewelry designers as inspiration on what to buy next, simply check out a department store website and scroll through their jewelry section. 

This will help you narrow down what designers you like and want to follow as you make your current and future purchases.

My recommendation: 

Net a Porter jewelry

This brand is one of my go-to choices, as they offer simple yet interesting details on their jewelry, in quality materials such as gold and silver. Check out their site to build your jewelry collection through statement pieces and simple everyday wear options.

The main takeaway

Jewelry should be fun, and should not feel forced. 

A minimalist’s guide to accessorizing can be boiled down to one guideline: go with what you are interested in, without wearing too many statement pieces at once.

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