How to develop your personal brand through clothing

Developing a personal brand sets you apart from others and instantly builds trust with clients and colleagues alike.

If you are working your way up the corporate ladder, or you own your own business– developing a personal brand and a wardrobe that clearly conveys it will increase your workplace success.

Through my work with professional image consulting clients, I’ve simplified the process for developing your personal brand and ensuring it is saying exactly what you want it to.

Not sure where to start, ask yourself these three questions.

Three questions to ask to create a personal brand:

#1: What do you want others to think about you, based on how you present yourself?
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Although we like to pretend as a society that we never make quick judgments about others, it’s just not true.

Research shows that it takes between a tenth of a second and 7 seconds for others to make an impression of you, according to Forbes. You can bet that 7 seconds isn’t long enough for someone to truly get to know you, so that’s why it’s important to control what they are experiencing and seeing when they interact with you.

By determining exactly what you do want them to think of you, you can go about creating your personal branding and make fashion decisions from there.

Choose specific words you want them to use to describe you in your head:

– Powerful?

– Approachable?

– Trustworthy?

– Confident?

We can do that through your wardrobe.

BTW, the above applies to your in person and your online presence.

#2: Does your current presentation of yourself align with how you want others to perceive you?
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If you are honest with yourself, how much effort are you putting into intentionally aligning your appearance with your personal brand, and how you want others to perceive you and your success?

People forget that their image is key to portraying themselves in an intentional way as they reach for their professional goals. And it shows in their closet.

I’ve seen many executives’ closets, and sometimes I find clothing from their early 20’s, a variety of interesting impulse purchases, and pieces that never see the light of day.

Your personal branding starts with your closet, and sets the tone for your day, and I can help with that as a part of my personal styling services.

#3: Do you have a dream team?
Cassandra Sethi's conversation with Flynn, a talented makeup artist
Check out this IG Live that I did with Flynn who is a talented makeup artist.

Now, you have an idea of what you want your personal brand to convey, but who has time to execute it on a day to day basis?

Most busy professionals don’t, and want to spend their free time reconnecting with families or hobbies, not figuring out what white t-shirt would fit them best.

That’s why it’s essential to delegate.

By delegating your style goals to a professional, you will get the results you want the first time around, without the time consuming process of guessing and changing what outfits really achieve your personal brand mission.

More importantly, you will be proving to yourself that you are worth the investment in your business and career.

It’s time to assemble your dream team for your personal brand, including an image consultant, a makeup artist, and a hair stylist. This is something that I support my clients on through my executive image consulting services.

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