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Cassandra Sethi, Next Level Wardrobe Founder and Image Consultant, was recently included for her styling expertise in an article on HuffPost featuring advice on how to get ready for work in the morning quickly.

The article focuses on tips from various stylists, hair stylists, and makeup artists on making getting ready before work more manageable as we start to shelve our work from home routines and return to the office. The bottom line – planning is key.

Sethi, who has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and was most recently a Senior Buyer for Equinox, adds a critical piece of advice for those looking to feel less stressed in the morning when deciding what to wear – stick with a classic color set of black, gray, white and navy to make creating outfits easy. “I always tell my clients, ‘Stick in that color palette and you can’t go wrong. You’ll always look great and you’ll always look put together,’” says Sethi.

Read the full article, including what other experts had to say, at HuffPost.

How To Get Ready For Work Faster In The Morning

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Cassandra Sethi is a NYC Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. After working over 15 years in the Fashion Industry, most recently as a Senior Buyer for Equinox, she created her business, Next Level Wardrobe – a luxury personal shopping service for successful professionals.

Next Level Wardrobe has been featured in Wall Street Journal, Today and CNN. See here.


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