Men’s boots, Fall 2020


A great boot has proven to be a staple in every man’s wardrobe, a concept I teach to my male styling clients.

Not all boots are created equal, and it can be a mistake to try to use the same pair of boots for multiple types of outfits, so invest in multiple types to ensure you have the selection you need to complete an outfit.

Here are my top boot picks for men this fall:

Vegan Boots

My recommendation: Dock Boot | Wills Vegan Store

For the eco-friendly man, vegan shoes are made without animal byproducts, including fur, leather, silk, down or wool. Truly Vegan shoes will come with a PETA approved seal to ensure ethically produced products.

Why I picked it:

The Dock Boot is a perfect shade of gray, and also comes in brown, either of which you can incorporate into your wardrobe in a variety of ways.

The gray is also perfect for more of a casual weekend look, or even laid-back workplace Friday dress codes in a business casual office.

Mix and match the gray or brown option with jeans or casual pants in a variety of core colors.

Leather Boots

My recommendation: Brown Boot | Suit Supply

History nerds unite: leather has been around since 1300 BC, and for good reason.
It’s one of the most durable materials men can choose for boots. It’ll withstand unpredictable weather in the fall and winter, without sacrificing comfort or style.

Why I picked it:

A leather boot is a must-have for every guy’s wardrobe.

The chocolate colorway will give you maximum versatility in your wardrobe because it pairs well with both core colors and prints.

Sometimes black leather can come off as a bit harsh looking, whereas this dark brown says you are a bit more approachable and laid back.

Suede Boots

Suede is a trend that isn’t leaving anytime soon, and it is an amazing option for working men who want an alternative to leather shoes.

The texture adds depth and elevates interest in any outfit, whether the suede is a part of a jacket or a great boot.

Why I picked it:

When I checked out all of men’s boots coming out in fall 2020, none stood out quite like these.

The navy suede looks sophisticated and luxe, and conveys a put-together image without having to be the center of attention.

The water-resistant suede makes them durable enough in light snow or rain and who doesn’t like a highly functional-stylish shoe?!

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