How to dress like Molly from Insecure

From her monochromatic suits to her, Molly from HBO’s Insecure is quickly becoming every working woman’s fashion icon.


Costume designer Shiona Turini has expressed that her goal for her characters is to truly reflect the narrative of their lives in developing their personal style, which is also something I work on with clients through my image consulting services.


Living in a wardrobe that reflects your personal journey, like Molly, is essential to matching your fashion choices to your personal style goals.

In 2017 former costume designer told the Fader that Molly dresses like an editor at New York Fashion Week. “She wears Stella McCartney, she wears Cushnie [Et Ochs] — we want her to have the dream wardrobe every girl wants, both at work and at home.”


Since then, her style has become “sophisticated and bright,” as designer Shiona Turini planned her outfits around the story narrative.


Molly is a lawyer transitioning from an all-white male dominated law firm to an all-Black one, fighting for her place in office politics.


She dominates the fashion scene both in and out of the office, as Turini says she “visibly fights for recognition.”

She told Entertainment Weekly that “As a black woman moving from a white-dominated workplace to a now black, male-dominated workplace, she’s hoping to stand out and prove herself. Visually, I’ve translated that using bold color, and often monochrome suiting.”


She adds that in her personal life, she sought to elevate her style and include moments of brand recognition. “Professional black women have immense buying power in the luxury market; it’s time we see that represented on television.”


We have much to learn about how to dress like Molly from Insecure, from the workplace to her evenings out, including integrating blazers, unique details, and pops of color.

Blazers are a must

Blazers are literally the easiest way to transform an outfit, as they provide structure and look instantly put together. 


Universally recognized as a formal business staple, blazers can be worn in both casual and professional work environments, and Molly wears them often and well.


Blazers are a must have piece for every woman’s wardrobe because of the structure of the garment, it automatically reads professional, put together and that you want to be taken seriously.


Here’s how Molly wears a lime green blazer from Off White’s 2020 Resort collection.


It’s easy to steal this look for your own workday with a pair of black trousers and a black camisole underneath as the base of your outfit is core colors. That allows for you to wear any pop color such a hot pink, or purple.

Like Molly, you can pair blazers with a solid colored shift dress, pants and a tucked in shirt underneath, or with a knee length pencil skirt. Here she wears an open jacket suit with a classic white button down underneath in a monochromatic look.

A blazer and shirt combo is also an excellent way to combine a color solids with a subtle print, as Molly wears here


Her blue button down shirt combined with the conservative print of the blazer make this combination perfect for any office environment.

Unique details

Molly’s workplace dresses don’t always follow what’s expected, which can be a good thing.


Given the role she’s trying to play in office politics, a bit of surprise when it comes to fashion details can go a long way. 


For example, her navy dress’ higher neckline is a change of pace from a traditional scoop or v-neckline. The cinched fabric at the base of her neck adds visual interest to the belted piece.



Turini also plays up her unique style out of the office as well, from her politicized tees to a more fashion forward, trend driven style free of any rules.


The designer told the New York Times that wearing this in a social setting was a “small symbol of the freedom she feels with her friends.” This is also her time to express more of her personality because inside of work it’s a more formal dress code.

Her belted suits add just enough of a unique touch to make a classic suit look more interesting.

A pop of color

If you want to know how to dress like Molly, it’s time to get over a fear of color. She doesn’t overdo color, but rather integrates pops of color naturally into her professional outfits.


Molly follows the rules I recommend to image styling clients about the hierarchy of color, and mixing and matching shades from the core and tonal palettes.

Here she pairs a solid black turtleneck with a pop of color in her blazer, creating interest in an outfit without overdoing color. She has successfully integrated a core color with a patterned stripes blazer.



Sometimes her pop of color is head to toe, but never in an overwhelming color, such as her monochromatic maroon look here.


You can replicate this look at home by layering the same color, and if the shades are slightly different, go lighter on top and darker below.


As you learn how to dress like Molly from Insecure you may find yourself channeling the confidence that her wardrobe inspires in her.


Anytime you are dealing with a politicized work environment and trying to take a stance, make a change, or simply be more comfortable in your own clothes and body at work, these fashion takeaways can help support your cause.


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