5 Best Athleisure Brands For Men According to a Stylist

December 22, 2023

Next Level Wardrobe founder, Cassandra Sethi worked for over 20 years as a Senior Buyer at Equinox. While there, she got to work with the world’s best athleisure brands for men.

She learned all about which fabrics, fits, and brands were worth investing in, and which weren’t. Now, as a personal stylist, she still uses that knowledge when working with her male clients. 

Today, we’re sharing Cassandra’s seven favorite men’s athleisure brands to help you stay comfortable and stylish 24/7. Whether you’re hitting the gym, lounging at home, or clocking in, these companies have you covered.

1. Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon is the sleeper hit of men’s athleisure. It’s been a cult classic for a while but in the last couple of years, it’s blown up.

The secret to the brand’s success?

Doing basics well. 

Instead of bending to trends, they stick to prioritizing premium, comfortable fabrics with innovative tech. Think stretchy but not cheap-looking, soft but sturdy, and sweat and odor-resistant. 

Why we love it: 

We love pieces that last, fit all body types, and never go out of style. Mack Weldon knocks that out of the park all while putting a sophisticated twist on athleisure

For T-shirts, sweatpants, underwear, and other basics that go with everything and won’t break down, this is for you.

Oh, and they’re great about offering their styles in core colors, which makes them a breeze to mix and match.

Cassandra’s Picks:

Create countless men’s athleisure outfits with the Mack Weldon Maverick tech chino and Silver long-sleeve polo.

Maverick Tech Chino for men athleisure

Maverick Tech Chino, shop here.

These stain-resistant chinos combine a subtle tech fabric with a modern fit and dressed-up details for the ultimate “wear anywhere” pant.

They’re comfortable and stretchy so you won’t mind wearing them all day. Plus, the belt loops, pockets, and flattering slim fit make them office-approved. 

Men's  athleisure Silver Long Sleeve Polo

Silver Long Sleeve Polo, shop here.

Create an effortless power casual ensemble by combining them with the Supima cotton Silver long-sleeve polo. This is one of Mack Weldon’s many pieces made with antimicrobial Ionic™ silver fabric that keeps away unwanted odor.

And no, it’s not just a gimmick; it actually works! So whether you’re feeling the sweat after a big meeting or on your commute, you’re covered.  

2. Lululemon

Before her time at Equinox, Cassandra managed SoulCycle’s retail business. During that time, Lululemon was THE top seller. Guys could get enough of their product— especially the Pace Breaker Short series.

Many used to think of this as an exclusively female brand, but they’ve mastered products for both men and women. In recent years they’ve given even more love to the men’s side by investing in better designs, fabrics, and outfitting. 

Today, Lululemon remains one of the OG athleisure brands men still love. It’s a mainstain and we don’t see it going anywhere.

Why we love it: 

Lululemon’s athleisure wear for men is high quality and made for all body types. Whether you’re slim, athletic, or husky, they’ve got you covered with an extensive size range going from XS – to 5XL.

We especially love their bottoms category, so invest in one of their pants or shorts.

Cassandra’s Picks:

One of NLW’s biggest beliefs is having the right foundation in your closet. When you have the right basics, you’ll be able to create endless outfits with ease. 

That’s why our top picks for Lululemon are their 5 Year Basic T-Shirt and their Always in Motion boxers. 

Basic t-Shirt 5 pack for men's athleisure

5 Year Basic T-Shirt 5 Pack, shop here.

These Tees are a great go-to for men’s athleisure outfits. They’re lightweight enough to wear solo or layer up without discomfort. 

Wear these with running shorts for a morning jog or partner them with jeans and a cardigan for work.

Men's athleisure Motion Boxer

Always in Motion Boxer, shop here.

What could be more basic than boxers? These boxers are the perfect 5-inch length. They won’t roll up and the supremely soft modal fabrication feels like a second skin. 

(Bonus: modal is naturally breathable and sweat-wicking. You’ll stay cool and dry no matter where the day takes you.)

3. Wheelers V.

Wheelers V. is an NYC-based brand on the rise. Though not as well known as some of the other labels on this list, it’s worth exploring. 

Sold in the US and internationally, Wheelers V. positions itself as a brand dedicated to everyday essentials made from fine materials. 

Like many of our favorite brands, they keep their designs simple and modern. If you’re looking for basics with a modern twist, look no further.

Why we love it: 

Besides the points we mentioned above, we love how Wheelers V sticks to its minimalist design aesthetic. 

They have many of the same silhouettes you’d find elsewhere, but incorporate textures and sophisticated colors uniquely. 

One thing to keep in mind? This brand runs slim across the board. They tailor their pieces to have a closer fit, so we recommend their pieces for slim or athletic-built men. 

Cassandra’s Picks:

Two of our must-haves from Wheelers V. are their Wooster Tee and Bleeker shorts. 

Wooster Tee for Men's Athleisure

Wooster Tee, shop here

The Tee is the epitome of a luxe, tailored tee. It’s buttery soft thanks to its sueded jersey fabrication.

You can even make your Tee feel more styled by folding the sleeve hems for a touch of light grey. 

Currently, the Tee comes in off-white, sage, Hampton blue, and slate, meaning you have versatile options to choose from.

Wear with chinos for a casual office, or lean into a comfy men’s athleisure outfit and try the Bleeker shorts.

Bleeker shorts for athleisure for men

Bleeker short, shop here.

A lot of men avoid shorts. While we don’t recommend them at the office, they’re essentials for athletic gear. 

Wheelers V. elevates the traditional lounge short with this style. They’re made of Japanese brush-back fleece for featherweight coziness.

We also love the various colorways available and the soft drawstring waistband (perfect for body transitions).

4. Vuori

Californian athleisure brand Vuori is here to put a new perspective on performance gear.

Every inch of their brand is all about bringing a West Coast approach to activewear. You can see it in their earthy color palettes inspired from the coastline, to their simple yet contemporary designs.

But don’t worry, they’re not all talk. Their products are extremely popular because they’re well-made. They’ve got patented materials scientifically designed for a better user experience.

For example, their DreamKnit ™  brushed jersey has a four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, and so much softness. 

Or check out their DuraTerra materials in a lot of their tech shorts and pants. Dura Terra is 98% organic cotton with flexibility and sustainability in mind. 

Why we love it: 

Vuori gets our stamp of approval because the piece works great and looks great. They cover true performance geared pieces and more athleisure options that you could wear 24/7.

Cassandra’s Picks:

Polos can get a bad rap as being a little too preppy or basic. But if you ask us, its simplicity is what makes it shine. 

For one, a polo is the ultimate business casual shirt for warm and hot weather. For another, if you get the right one, it can be just as versatile as a Tee. 

Polo by Ace for men's athleisure

Ace polo, Shop here.

In our opinion, the Ace Polo checks all those boxes. It’s made from performance fabric so you get all the benefits of sweat resistance and stretch. 

But, it doesn’t look like a performance shirt. It’s slim-fitting for a more flattering fit, and the classic collared and chest pocket design keeps it looking meeting-ready. 

Wear this while you travel, commute, or relax at home.

Sunday Performance jogger for men['s athleisure

Sunday Performance Jogger, shop here.

If you do take your polo for a workout or a lounge day, pair it with the Sunday performance jogger. 

It comes in a variety of core and neutral colors so styling is a cinch. Plus, the slim fit is fantastic for getting all the comfort you love from sweatpants without the sloppy, baggy shape. 

Remember, comfort can look good too!

6. Nobull

With a name like Nobull, you can probably guess that this athleticwear brand wants to separate itself from the pack. 

They design clothes specifically for high-performance activities like CrossFit, weightlifting, and other types of training exercises.

That means that their products have to meet a high bar to stand up to their customers’ needs. They prioritize durability and quality, keeping their design aesthetic simple yet stylish.

Why we love it: 

Nobull makes our list of the best athleisure brands for men because it lives up to its name. No fluff, no poor craftsmanship, just great products.

Although they’re designed with fitness in mind, we’ve found that they’re still super comfortable for everyday wear and lounge days.

Cassandra’s Picks:

It’s not every day that you see a performance mock neck. So when we saw this blended merino wool option, we had to include it. 

Men's athleisure wool mock neck

Men’s blended merino wool mock neck, shop here.

Wear it with shorts or workout pants for an outdoor winter workout. Or, dress it up with black jeans or chinos for an evening out. 

Compression shorts for men['s athleisure

Men’s plush heather compression short, shop here.

No matter what bottoms you choose, try a pair of Nobull’s plush heather compression shorts underneath. 

The compression is great for active training days but the soft, cloud-weight feel makes them an everyday necessity.

7. Nike

No list of the best athleisure wear for men would be complete without Nike.

This OG brand may have a lot of hype around it, but in our opinion, it’s well-earned.

Not only do they have highly functional gear for every workout, but their athleisure line has really stepped up recently.

Why we love it: 

Nike has something for everyone. From an expansive size range to a mix of classic and trend pieces, they’ve got you covered.

Speaking of size, however, they have the opposite fit of Wheelers V. Nike runs big on most products, which makes them great for bigger guys. 

But, if you’re thinner, you can usually find “slim-fit” options to still get the look you want.

Cassandra’s Picks:

For this brand, we’ve got to go with a couple of true-blue athletic pieces. One is the Nike Techknit ultra short sleeve.

Nike techknit for mens athleisure

Nike TechKnit, shop here.

This shirt comes in clutch for any guy who runs hot. It’s incredibly lightweight and breathable thanks to the sweat-wicking tech fabric.

Since Nike designs their clothes to be activity first, they’ve made sure it’s optimized for easy, free-flowing movement. 

Nike Flex Stride shorts, shop here.

Complete your workout ensemble with the Nike Flex Stride shorts. This was another top-seller during Cassandra’s time at Equinox and it’s easy to see why.

It’s classic, straightforward, and built for workouts. Whether you’re running, playing basketball, or doing HIIT training, these shorts won’t let you down.
That’s our round-up of the best athleisure brands for men. If you’re looking for more brand expertise and insider tips, apply for our men’s styling services. From image consultations to in-person and virtual styling, our team is ready to improve your style and confidence.

About the Author - Cassandra Sethi
About the Author - Cassandra Sethi

Personal Stylist & Image Consultant

Cassandra Sethi is a Personal Stylist and Founder of Next Level Wardrobe, a luxury Personal Styling and Shopping Service that helps successful professionals of all ages and sizes. After working in the fashion industry for over 25 years, she used her expert knowledge to create a proprietary styling system called ‘The Next Level Wardrobe Style System' which guarantees clients more outfits with less items in their closet. NLW has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Tamron Hall Show, NY Mag, Huffington Post and more.

*Disclosure: Next Level Wardrobe only recommends products that we’d suggest to our clients or personally wear ourselves. All opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, Next Level Wardrobe may earn a small commission. Read the full privacy policy here.

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Cassandra Sethi

is a NYC Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. She is the Founder of Next Level Wardrobe and 'The NLW Style System' that guarantees clients more outfits with less items.

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