Business Casual Outfits for Men: Outfit ideas and expert tips

Outfit #1. Perfect for a work event or day time event

THE BIG TAKEAWAY: Notice all the textures in this outfit– everything from the leather jacket to polo and heather grey pant. BUT they all look like they belong together.

How did he do this?

His stylist chose one color family to stay within as she put together this look. If you want to try this for yourself, test out staying within a grey color and then building an outfit with light to dark shades.

Outfit #2. The modern business casual go to outfit

THE BIG TAKEAWAY: Notice how he’s wearing all black but he looks so put together. Why? Because of the fit of his clothing and modern shoes. (Guys, please don’t wear gym shoes as daytime shoes).

Outfit #3. A timeless outfit perfect for day to night

THE BIG TAKEAWAY: Need to look more ‘formal’ but don’t want to wear a traditional long sleeve button up shirt? Try a polo. Polos are a great go to piece, that have a touch of formality but don’t read as casual as a plain t-shirt.

They are also an essential piece if you often go from the office to night time events. Throw on a blazer for a night out and you’ll be good to go!

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Working from home- how I figured out what to wear

My first day as an entrepreneur, I remember LOVING the fact that I had no dress code. I thought, “this is the ultimate freedom!” No more having to follow guidelines or dress a certain way my boss wanted me to.

And so I did what any person who gets to work from home does…

I worked in sweatpants.
I worked in my pajamas.
I worked in ultimate comfortable clothing (that I’d never be caught dead in outside)

But shortly after, I realized that I didn’t feel that great. I definitely wasn’t as productive. There was a general haze that washed over me hour by hour because of how I presented myself (to myself) each and every day.

Some recent work from home outfits

So how did I create a work from home wardrobe that I love wearing?

1. Always remember to focus on core colors, fit and invest in the right pieces.

It can be tempting to go out and buy whatever is on sale to fill a void. Or to buy into the latest trend you see Brad Pitt wearing. But it’s much easier than you think to build a work from home wardrobe and that’s by focusing on 3 key areas– core colors, fit and the right pieces. (Sign up here for my complimentary guide on the 3 pieces you should have in your closet today)

2. Realize that you can be stylish AND comfortable.

Many people think that if you look stylish that you have to be uncomfortable. My private clients are surprised to learn that they are actually MORE comfortable and BONUS, more stylish. There are so many great clothing options that incorporate comfortable details like stretchy fabric, elastic waistbands, drawstring and more!

3. You don’t have to get rid of everything hanging in your closet.

Most people think that if they have a new work dress code that they have to throw everything in their closet away and start fresh. NOT TRUE.
Yes, you should do a closet edit to make sure that your clothes are aligned with your new lifestyle but many of the basics (t-shirts, blazers, trousers) you can actually keep to dress them down (or up!)

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