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Why use a personal stylist and shopper?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think “personal stylist?” For most of my clients, it was “celebrities on the red carpet” or “too expensive.” One client told me that she never saw herself as the kind of person who would ever use a stylist.

But there are some surprising reasons that successful men and women, just like you, use a stylist. Straight from my clients:

Your personal style sets the stage for how people perceive you…and it affects your confidence every morning…and it leaves a lasting impression. I believe that dressing well is a form of self respect — and others notice it, before you even say a word.

We ask ourselves, “Who needs a stylist?” Better questions are, “Is my clothing reflecting my success and achievements? What impression do I want to communicate? What do I want people to think about me?” 

It’s OK to want to look good and feel amazing. And it’s OK to get help.

Personal Styling and Image Consulting Services

I offer two private styling services for men and women that are new clients. In both of these services, you’ll be working directly with me and will walk into a beautiful, private fitting room with outfits waiting for you to try on. I’ll teach you along the way so you know how to put outfits together, the best brands for your body type and answer any specific questions you have. Returning clients have access to private styling experiences that are not available to the general public.

Personal Brand Experience

This private, in-depth experience is perfect for successful professionals who own their own business or are working their way up the corporate ladder. 

This service starts with a personal brand deep dive so you can feel confident about what you will be communicating through your appearance. As personal stylist, I’ll guide you through a 4 part styling experience where you’ll get the perfect pieces that fit your body type, lifestyle and personal brand.

Express Styling Service

This private styling experience is for the successful professional that just wants to focus on creating the perfect wardrobe and has limited time. They’ve  tried to do it on their own for a while, but realize that they need help. 

This 3 part service will leave you with a wardrobe that fits your body type perfectly, that you can mix and match effortlessly and that you will be excited to wear. You’ll also learn why things fit you, how to put outfits together, the right pieces to invest in and styling tricks just for you.

What Clients Are Saying


Hi there, I’m Cassandra Sethi and I’m a Personal Stylist and Shopper in NYC. I work with successful men and women all over the world to create the perfect wardrobe that fits their body type and lifestyle.

I’ve worked in the Fashion Industry for over 15 years. My formal background includes being a Senior Buyer at Equinox and building SoulCycle’s retail business, as well as studying Fashion Merchandising from California State University Long Beach and University of the Arts London (UK). 

While I was building a multi-million dollar retail business at Equinox, I was hearing from successful friends:

“I hate shopping”

“I have so many clothes but I don’t even wear all of them”

“I don’t know what fits my body type best”

I thought to myself –

“Couldn’t there be a way to apply the clothing methods I’m using to build Equinox’s retail business to clients, one-on-one?”

And then Next Level Wardrobe was born.

My styling experiences follow a very systematic approach so my clients get a work wardrobe that they actually love to wear. They also:

Save money. By investing in the right pieces and focusing on what is needed.

Save time. They know what brands fit their current body type best, so they can just concentrate on those.

Do more with less. By having a minimal wardrobe that focuses on versatile pieces that all go together.

Feel confident. That anything hanging in their closet is there with a purpose, reflects who they are TODAY and communicates their personal brand in the best way.

We hire personal trainers, business coaches and teachers. But somehow, for clothing, we try to do it all ourselves. When I see someone who’s frustrated or bored with their closet, I love the challenge of teaching them how they can transform their style (and life!) in just a few days.

As a personal stylist for men and women in NYC, I know the value of projecting the right image each and everyday. You can use your wardrobe as a tool to help you get the promotion, land the sale, walk into a work event with confidence and have peace of mind knowing you look incredible.

I’d love to help you craft your personal style and get the work wardrobe of your dreams. Click the button below to contact me to find out more information about my private styling services.

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