Style Inspo: 3 looks to borrow from Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston style

There’s no better example than Jennifer Aniston when it comes to a go-to fashion icon for women, and luckily her look is easier to achieve than you think. Jennifer Aniston’s style is sophisticated yet attainable. 

Here are three style takeaways you can try today that I use with my women’s styling services clients:

#1. All black doesn’t have to mean boring

Jennifer Aniston style inspo - All black doesn’t have to mean boring

An all-black outfit may make you think you will look frumpy, or that you are trying to hide your body, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Jennifer Aniston’s style with these all-black outfits shows us just how chic head-to-toe black can look.

Jennifer wears this look by sticking to well-fitting items, from her A-line dress to her midi skirt paired with a casual black top.

In the far left look, she layers textures by adding a leather tank under her blazer. Each of these style inspo outfits commands attention without looking frumpy or boring.

#2: Stock up on core colors

Jennifer Aniston style inspo - Stock up on core colors

Jennifer Aniston’s timeless look isn’t an accident: she’s well-versed on core colors, and how to integrate them into an outfit.

By following a core color palette, including black, white, navy, and gray, she can strategically add pops of color, such as an army green without creating an overdone or overwhelming look.

This is also an efficient and economical choice when building a wardrobe because you ensure you can mix and match pieces into endless outfits. You rarely have to consider if something goes together when you are choosing from core colors.

I often get asked: “Won’t I get bored with so few colors to choose from?”

The answer is simple: you aren’t eliminating color, just using it strategically.

You first want to make sure that you have a great foundation in core colors first, then work your way up the triangle.

This will ensure that you have those unifying colors that will enable you to create outfits easily — you’ll never have to wonder “how do I wear this?” again.

Use these ratios as a guide and tweak to your preferences.

#3 A blazer for any occasion

Jennifer Aniston style inspo - A blazer for any occasion

A well-fitting blazer is one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe, and can instantly elevate casual wear by pairing it with jeans and a t-shirt.

There’s basically no occasion that couldn’t benefit from a blazer. Blazers can be used in all seasons, depending on the fabric, making them a go-to piece year-round.

Jennifer Aniston’s style shows the versatility of a blazer by pairing it with an evening work event look, complete with stilettos, work pants, and a tank on the left.

In the middle, she shows that blazers can be paired with lightweight silk underneath for an elevated casual look for the evening (notice that black on black again).

On the far right, she shows that an everyday afternoon errand or weekend outing even calls for a blazer.

You won’t regret having that go-to blazer in your closet to instantly add appeal to any outfit.

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