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Most successful women in executive roles realize the importance of an image strategy, but despite the fact that nearly 70% of American women wear a size 14 or above, they often have trouble with plus size styling. Finding stylish, professional clothing to fit their bodies is an almost impossible task.

For plus-size women, putting together a wardrobe that makes you feel your best can seem like a major challenge. You want to be able to effortlessly dress for any occasion and feel confident that you are projecting the “right” image without always resorting to basic black or settling for a style that just isn’t YOU.

You may feel limited in your options and think that you can’t wear certain clothing styles, prints, brands, and can’t shop at most stores. Finding the right fit online feels just as daunting, frustrating and even disappointing.

At least 90% of our clients have gained weight but don’t know how to dress for their new body, resulting in a personal brand and style that doesn’t reflect who they really are on the inside.

This is where Next Level Wardrobe’s Plus Size Styling and Image Consulting can help.

You no longer have to settle for ‘good enough’ when it comes to style and how you feel in your clothing – you can dress in amazing pieces and finally start to wear the things you really want that reflect your success, personality and ambitions.

With the Virtual Plus Size Styling Service, you’ll work with Cassandra one on one to create an executive style that’s YOU. She’ll get to know you, your style goals and challenges- then craft an intentional wardrobe where you’ll be able to create more outfits with less stuff in your closet.

No more frustrating shopping experiences either– we do all the work for you by keeping YOU in mind and then filtering the best brands, fits and fabrics that will work best for your day to day. Best part, they’ll be delivered straight to your door!

You’ll also learn how to put outfits together using all the items in your closet so no matter what event is in your calendar, you’ll be able to dress with confidence and ease. You’ll feel great in any combination that you put on, too.

Who’s this service for

This Virtual Plus Size Styling Service is for successful, professional women who have ambitious career aspirations and want to radiate confidence and authority.

They've tried to figure it out on their own but have been extremely frustrated with their shopping experiences - limited choices, bad customer service and have given up hope to creating a style that’s them. Yet, they are at the point in their career where they are managing teams, going for promotions, are the face of their brand and understand the importance of creating their executive image.

Ideal candidates for this experience include CEOs, Entrepreneurs, C-Suite professionals, VP’s, and above.

For a quicker solution to mage consulting that focuses on just the styling tactics, see our Online Styling Services page.

The Plus Size Styling and Image Consulting Process



Executive Image

Our image crafting starts with a questionnaire completed by you and is followed by a one-hour virtual call where we delve into your image. Cassandra will get to know you and ask you questions to hear more about your lifestyle, your professional day to day and your ambitions.

 You’ll then receive your custom plus size styling and image strategy. It will outline the visual game plan for your executive image including outfit ideas, style themes, digital audit and more. This presentation will give you a stronger vision for what your personal brand will look and feel like, and how it will be experienced by others.



Online Closet

Once we align on the big vision, we’ll then move into the tactics to bring it to life.

In this first style session, we’ll go through your closet piece by piece to figure out what you should keep or donate. Once your closet has been edited, you will try on remaining pieces to get advice on fit and identify wardrobe gaps.

By the end of this closet edit, you’ll feel confident about everything hanging in your closet.



Personalized Plus Size Styling Outfit Guide & Ordering

Cassandra will have created a shopping list during the closet edit, identifying gaps in your wardrobe and what’s needed to create a long lasting versatile foundation. She’ll go shopping for you with this list handy, as well as YOU– your style/image strategy, lifestyle, and style goals in mind.

You’ll receive a comprehensive shopping spreadsheet with images of suggested items. For any item that you’d like to try, Next Level Wardrobe will have it sent straight to your doorstep.



Virtual Fit

Once you receive your items, you’ll meet with Cassandra for a virtual fit session. You’ll try every piece on for her and she’ll advise whether to keep or return the items.

For any item that you are keeping, she’ll teach you how to outfit it in different ways so you feel confident about your investment and creating more outfits with less items in your closet.

After this session, you will finally love everything in your closet and have put together ensembles for work, important meetings, events and more.

The Plus Size Image Consulting Service Includes:

Systematic, stress-free approach to your executive style.

Your personalized executive image that’s aligned with who you are, your professional goals and lifestyle.

Versatile outfits for any occasion-- work from home, in person events and casual weekends.

Easy ordering: just say yes or no and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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